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Compress data using LZ77 algorithm.

MSCOMPRESS(1)                        General Commands Manual                        MSCOMPRESS(1)

NAME mscompress - compress data using LZ77 algorithm
SYNOPSIS mscompress [ -h ] mscompress [ -V ] mscompress [ name ... ]
DESCRIPTION Mscompress reduces the size of the named files using Lempel-Ziv coding (LZ77). Each input fi ↲ le is compressed to file eding with underscore and original file remains untouched. Output files ↲ then can be decompressed using Microsoft EXPAND.EXE utility or msexpand(1). In other words, mscom‐ press(1) is binary compatible with Microsoft's COMPRESS.EXE
BUGS Mscompress cannot compress standard input as gzip(1) or compress(1) do.
AUTHORS This program is written by Martin Hinner, <> Algorithm & data structures by M. Winterhoff <>
DOWNLOAD mscompress package is available at
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mscompress(1) referred by msexpand(1)
refer to compress(1) | gzip(1) | msexpand(1)