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Set the uid mapping of a user namespace.

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NAME newuidmap - set the uid mapping of a user namespace
SYNOPSIS newuidmap pid uid loweruid count [uid loweruid count [ ... ]]
DESCRIPTION The newuidmap sets /proc/[pid]/uid_map based on it's command line arguments and the uids allowed in /etc/subuid. After the pid argument, newuidmap expects sets of 3 integers: uid Begining of the range of UIDs inside the user namespace. loweruid Begining of the range of UIDs outside the user namespace. count Length of the ranges (both inside and outside the user namespace). newuidmap verifies that the caller is the owner of the process indicated by pid and that for each of the above sets, each of the UIDs in the range [loweruid, loweruid+count] is allowed to the caller according to /etc/subuid before setting /proc/[pid]/uid_map. Note that newuidmap may be used only once for a given process.
OPTIONS There currently are no options to the newuidmap command.
FILES /etc/subuid List of users subordinate user IDs. /proc/[pid]/uid_map Mapping of uids from one between user namespaces.
SEE ALSO login.defs(5), newusers(8), subuid(5), useradd(8), usermod(8), userdel(8).
shadow-utils 4.2 05/16/2017 NEWUIDMAP(1)
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newuidmap(1) referred by subgid(5) | subuid(5) | user_namespaces(7)
refer to login.defs(5) | newusers(8) | subuid(5) | useradd(8) | userdel(8) | usermod(8)