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Lua remote control for Notion.

NOTIONFLUX(1)                        General Commands Manual                        NOTIONFLUX(1)

NAME Notionflux - lua remote control for Notion.
SYNOPSIS notionflux [-e code]
DESCRIPTION notionflux allows you to access the notion lua scripting interface from the command-line. It either takes a script from stdin or through the ´-e´ parameter. The lua script will be executed by the Lua engine running in Notion, which means it has access to the Notion lua api (notioncore.* et al). Calls to ´print´ will print values to Notion´s stdout (e.g. ~/.xsession-errors). The scripts´ return value will be printed by notionflux
OPTIONS -e code Lua code to execute.
ENVIRONMENT notionflux talks to notion(1) through a socket, which is determined by the _NOTION_MOD_NOTIONFLUX_SOCKET property on the root of the display on which notion(1) is running.
SECURITY The notionflux socket is created with read/write permissions only for the user who started notion(1). Neither notion(1) nor notionflux are setuid(2), so notionflux should not pose any security threat.
EXAMPLES Write ´foo´ to notion(1)´s stdout and ´bar´ to the terminal, specifying the script on the commandline: $ notionflux -e "print('foo'); return 'bar'" "bar" Or the same, but now via STDIN: $ echo "print('foo'); return 'bar'" | notionflux "bar"
SEE ALSO The Notion home page, The document "Configuring and extending Notion with Lua" found on the Notion home page. /usr/share/doc/notion/ X(7x), notionflux(1)
AUTHOR Notionflux was written by the Notion team, based on ionflux which was written by Tuomo Valkonen <tuomov at>.
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