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Show OCFS2 file system information.

January 2012
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o2info - Show OCFS2 file system information.


o2info [-C|--cluster-coherent] [--fs-features] [--volinfo] [--mkfs] [--freeinode] [--freefrag chunksize] [--space-usage] [--filestat] <device or file>


o2info shows information about OCFS2 file systems. It differs from debugfs.ocfs2(8) in that it allows users with limited read priviledges to query similar information. Users do not have to have the read privilege on the device as is expected by debugfs.ocfs2(8). This utility allows users to provide a path to an object on a mounted file system. The user needs to have the read priviledge on that object.


-C, --cluster-coherent Force cluster coherency when querying a mounted file systems. The is disabled by default. Enable this only if accurate information is required as it involves tak‐ ing cluster locks. --fs-features Show all the file system features (compat, incompat, ro compat) enabled on the file system. --volinfo Show file system information such as label, uuid, block and cluster sizes, node slots, etc. --mkfs Show file system information in mkfs.ocfs2(8) format. --freeinode Show the inode (allocated/free) count for all slots in the file system. --freefrag chunksize Show the free space fragmentation of the file system. The chunksize should be equal to or greater than the cluster size. --space-usage Show the disk space used by a file in block sized units. It also provides the block count of the holes, shared extents and unwritten extents. --filestat Show the extended stat(1) information that includes the number of clusters consumed by extended attributes, unwritten extents, shared extents and holes, along with the file fragmentation score. -V, --version Show version and exit. -h, --help Show help and exit.


The utility uses custom info ioctls to query information from a mounted file system. As these info ioctls were added starting in Linux kernel 2.6.37, this utility will not work on mounted OCFS2 file systems running on systems having older kernels.


Non-priviledged users can query the volume information by providing the path to a file on a mounted file system. Priviledged users can provide the path to the device. # o2info --volinfo /ocfs2/testfile Label: webhome UUID: 8AB016CD59FC4327A2CDAB69F08518E3 Block Size: 4096 Cluster Size: 131072 Node Slots: 8 Features: backup-super strict-journal-super sparse extended-slotmap Features: inline-data xattr indexed-dirs refcount discontig-bg clusterinfo Features: unwritten The same goes for querying file system fragmentation. # o2info --freefrag 128 /ocfs2/testfile Blocksize: 4096 bytes Clustersize: 131072 bytes Total clusters: 409599 Free clusters: 376537 (91.92%) Min. free extent: 256 KB Max. free extent: 4091648 KB Avg. free extent: 172672 KB Chunksize: 131072 bytes (1 clusters) Total chunks: 409600 Free chunks: 376537 (91.9%) HISTOGRAM OF FREE EXTENT SIZES: Extent Size Range : Free extents Free Clusters Percent 256K... 512K- : 4 10 0.00% 512K... 1024K- : 251 1179 0.31% 1M... 2M- : 5 72 0.02% 8M... 16M- : 3 288 0.08% 32M... 64M- : 1 447 0.12% 128M... 256M- : 2 3371 0.90% 1G... 2G- : 1 13823 3.67% 2G... 4G- : 12 357347 94.90%


debugfs.ocfs2(8) fsck.ocfs2(8) fsck.ocfs2.checks(8) mkfs.ocfs2(8) mount.ocfs2(8) mounted.ocfs2(8) o2cluster(8) o2image(8) tunefs.ocfs2(8)


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