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An implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface.

openhpi(7) OpenHPI openhpi(7)


openhpi - an implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface


OpenHPI is an implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface, which provides a standard C library interface to manage, monitor, and control hardware (both local and remote). Starting with release 2.14.0 OpenHPI implements the HPI B.03.02 specification. The OpenHPI client library (libopenhpi) provides all the connection functionality needed by the client application to connect to the OpenHPI daemon running on the local or remote server. The OpenHPI daemon runs as a background process and executes the requests. It loads plugins to adapt to the different hardware types. The plugins can be defined in the openhpi.conf file or can be loaded dynamically.


Some of OpenHPI's functioning can be changed by setting environment variables. This documents all client environmental settings. Client environmental settings are evaluated in the openhpi library that is linked to the client. There are other environmental settings for the openhpi daemon. OPENHPICLIENT_CONF="filename" Location for the client's configuration file that specifies the HPI domains and addresses of daemons serving the domains. If the variable is not set, OpenHPI will look for a file openhpiclient.conf in the directory specified during the build process (default /etc/openhpi). OPENHPI_DAEMON_HOST=URL URL for the host running the daemon which the client wants to connect to. This can be an ip address or "localhost" (default) if the daemon is running on the same host as the client. The variable is only used if no default domain is defined via the client conf file. OPENHPI_DAEMON_PORT=PORT_NUMBER The port number used by the daemon which the client wants to connect to. Default port is 4743. The variable is only used if no default domain is defined via the client conf file.


OpenHPI provides a number of plugins that talk to different hardware types. The following is a list of plugins provided by the OpenHPI project. ipmidirect An IPMI plugin designed specifically for ATCA chassis. It implements IPMI commands directly in the plugin. snmp_bc An SNMP based plugin that can communicate with IBM BladeCenter, as well as IBM xSeries servers with RSA 1 adapters. SNMP_BC plugin depends on net-snmp > 5.0.7. ilo2_ribcl OpenHPI plugin supporting HP ProLiant Rack Mount Servers. This plug-in connects to iLO2 on HP ProLiant Rack Mount Server using a SSL connection and exchanges information via Remote Insight Board Command Language (RIBCL). oa_soap OpenHPI plug-in supporting HP BladeSystems c-Class. This plug-in connects to the OA of a c-Class chassis using an SSL connection and manages the system using an XML-encoded SOAP interface. rtas Run-Time Abstraction Services (RTAS) plug-in sysfs OpenHPI plugin that reads system information from sysfs. (LM sensors and I2C devices exported in sysfs requires kernel 2.6 or >= 2.5.72) watchdog Linux watchdog device interface The following plugins are provided to ease testing or support complex hardware architectures: simulator OpenHPI plugin that reports fakes hardware used for testing the core library. dynamic_simulator OpenHPI plugin that reports fakes hardware defined in the file used for testing the core library. slave OpenHPI plug-in that allows to aggregate resources from different domains (slave domains) and to provide aggregated resources as part of the one domain (master domain). test_agent OpenHPI plug-in for advanced testing. Provides console for runtime configuration.


The definitive guide to HPI is the SA Forum specification at More info on OpenHPI can be found at our webpage ( and in inline documentation.


The following man pages may also be of interest openhpid The openhpi daemon, providing OpenHPI data as a system service. OpenHPI client programs hpialarms hpigensimdata hpireset hpitop hpidomain hpiinv hpisensor hpitree hpiel hpionIBMblade hpisettime hpiwdt hpievents hpipower hpithres hpixml ohdomainlist ohhandler ohparam hpi_shell


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