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X on-screen clock displayer.

March 2001
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osd_clock - X on-screen clock displayer


osd_clock [OPTION]... [+FORMAT]


Display date/time information on screen. -f FONT Set font. -c COLOR Set color. -d DELAY Sets the delay (in seconds) that the clock is exposed. Useful if combined with INTERVAL. -F FORMAT This option specifies the format to be used to output the date. See 'strftime(3)'. -i INTERVAL This specifies the interval between displays. Default is 1 (display every second). -H INTEGER The "chimes per hour" count overrides -i. Default is 0 (no effect). The time will be displayed this many times each hour (notwithstanding signals interrupting sleep, and leap seconds). The first display of the hour will be on the hour exactly. Use -H 4 for a display at 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past. -s SHADOW This option sets the shadow depth. Default 2. -t locate clock at top left (default: bottom left). -b locate clock at bottom left (default). -o OFFSET This option specifies the offset from the top or bottom of screen the text is dis‐ played. The default is 0. Useful to move above or below panels or applets. -h, --help display this help and exit


The per-hour mode may fire up to one second late, or worse if the system is busy.


Jon Beckham <> Martijn van de Streek <> Nathan Walp <>
It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
X OSD Clock March 2001 OSDClock(1)
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