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OSS client/server audio pseudo device.

13 November 2019
oss_userdev(7) OSS Devices oss_userdev(7)


oss_userdev - OSS client/server audio pseudo device.


This audio device is not designed to be used as-is by the users. It requires a specially designed server application that implements the actual service (please see the OSS pro‐ gramming documentation for more info). The server application will then create the audio devices that can be used to record and/or play audio.


The oss_userdev driver is a special purpose loop back audio device that can be used when implementing OSS audio devices based on a server running in the background.


· userdev_visible_clientnodes=0|1 By default (0) common client device node (/dev/oss/oss_userdev0/client) will be created for all server instances. The clients will then get directed to the right instance based on some search criteria (for example UID). This alternative is best when using single server application that can serve large number of different sesions. If this option is set to 1 then OSS will create separate client device nodes for each instance. Applications will have to open the right device nodes. This alternative is best when oss_userdev is used to create different kind of services in one system. In this way for example a VoIP link can be accessed by opening a different device node than when open‐ ing some other service.


/etc/oss4/conf/oss_userdev.conf Device configuration file.


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13 November 2019 oss_userdev(7)
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