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Pdfpc configuration file.

PDFPCRC(5) File Formats Manual PDFPCRC(5)


pdfpcrc - pdfpc configuration file


/etc/pdfpcrc / $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/pdfpc/pdfpcrc


pdfpc(1) reads its configuration from /etc/pdfpcrc. It also reads $XDG_CON‐ FIG_DIR/pdfpc/pdfpcrc if this file exists (if $XDG_CONFIG_DIR is not set, $HOME/.config will be used). Keybindings The following commands are accepted: bind <key> <func> [<arg>] Bind a key to a function, passing a specified argument for functions which require one unbind <key> Unbind the given key unbind_all Clear all the key bindings mouse <button> <func> Bind a mouse button to a function unmouse <button> Unbind a mouse button unmouse_all Clear all the mouse bindings A list of all possible functions can be obtained via the -L command line option of pdfpc(1). Options Some permanent changes can be configured via the config file. The syntax is: option <option_name> <option_value> The following option_name's are recognized: black-on-end Add an additional black slide at the end of the presentation (bool, Default false) current-height Percentage of the height of the presenter screen to be used for the current slide. (int, Default 80) current-size Percentage of the presenter screen to be used for the current slide. (int, Default 60) disable-caching see pdfpc(1) disable-compression see pdfpc(1) disable-scrolling Disable scrolling events on the presenter window (bool, Default false) next-height Percentage of the height of the presenter screen to be used for the next slide. (int, Default 70) overview-min-size Minimum width for the overview miniatures, in pixels. (int, Default 150) switch-screens Switch the presentation and the presenter screen. (bool, Default false) time-of-day see pdfpc(1) timer-pace-color Enable color hints of the timer, continuously indicating whether the presentation is progressing according to the expected pace (bool, Default true). See the timer operation description in pdfpc(1).


Key names can be obtained with the help of the xev utility. Note that names are case sen‐ sitive. Modifiers can be specified in the form <mod>+<key> where <mod> is one of S (for shift), C (for control) and A/M (for Alt/Meta). E.g. bind S+Next next10 A shorthand for specifying key combinations constituting shift and an alphabetic character is to simply give the uppercase version of the alphabetic character. For example, to bind <shift>+r to the 'reset' function, use bind R reset To always activate the black-on-end option, one could add the following to the config file option black-on-end true


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