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Pfqueue configuration file.

January 19, 2006
PFQUEUE.CONF(5) File Formats Manual PFQUEUE.CONF(5)


pfqueue.conf - pfqueue configuration file


/etc/pfqueue.conf or ~/.pfqueue


pfqueue can be configured storing its option in configuration files. At startup, if /etc/pfqueue.conf is present it is read and options are set accordingly; then, if a .pfqueue file is present in user's home directory, it is read and options are set accord‐ ingly, overriding those stored in /etc/pfqueue.conf. Note that the resulting settings are overridden by command line options.


An option can be set using the "option=value" syntax. Any line starting with a hash sign ("#") will be discarded.


backends_path=<path> Backends absolute path; same as -B option in command line. backend_name=<string> Default backend to use; same as -b option. mta_config=<path_or_file> Use a custom MTA configuration; some MTA need a directory, others a file; same as -c. mta_bin=<path> Path to MTA executables; same as -p. max_messages=<number> Maximum number shown in a queue; same as -m. use_envelope=<yes/no> Start reading from/to fields from envelop; same as -e if set to yes. default_queue=<number> Use this queue at startup; see -q option for details. scan_limit=<number> Scan queue for <number> seconds at max; same as -l. scan_delay=<number> Seconds between queue scans; same as -d. autorefresh=<number> Seconds between screen refreshes; same as -s. use_colors=<yes/no> Use colors; same as -n. remote_host=<host> Host to connect to, when using socket backend; same as -r.


Stefano Rivoir <>
January 19, 2006 PFQUEUE.CONF(5)
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