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Chess playing program.

May 2001
PHALANX(6) Games Manual PHALANX(6)


Phalanx - Chess playing program


phalanx [options] [<moves> <minutes> [<increment in seconds>]] phalanx [options] [<seconds per move>] phalanx bench phalanx bcreate [options]


This manual page documents briefly the phalanx program. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but may be used by others), because the original pro‐ gram does not have a manual page. phalanx is a chess playing program. It is partially xboard compatible. Under xboard, it can play games, force & undo moves, and show thinking. In this version, you cannot set positions with xboard. It is also possible to run phalanx without xboard. Do phalanx -? to get a list of command line options. One important command of phalanx's ASCII interface is help. phalanx uses (traditional) 10x12 board implementation. There are three often used board implementations: "8x8" (GNU Chess), "bitboard" (Crafty), and "10x12" (Nimzo, Phalanx). In short, "10x12" is easy to implement and the code is small (==fast on PC). Opening book is small, simple, hand-written.


-t <transposition table size in kilobytes> -f <fixed search time in seconds> -x <+/-> xboard mode on/off default: on -p <+/-> permanent brain on/off default: off -s <+/-> show thinking on/off default: off -c <+/-> cpu time default: off -o <+/-> polling input default: on -b <+/-> opening book default: on -r <resign value in centipawns> default: 0 (no resigning) -e <easy level 0...100> default: 0 (best play) -l <+/-> learning on/off default: on -v print version and exit -P <primary book directory> -S <secondary book directory> -L <learning file directory> -g <log file name>


phalanx -c+ -s+ -o - -x- -f 60 -t4000 xboard -fcp "phalanx -l+ -r800"


/usr/share/doc/phalanx, xboard(6)


Phalanx was written by Dusan Dobes <>. This manual page was written by Stephen Stafford <> for the Debian GNU/Linux project, but may be used by others. It was written with the assistance of help2man(1) and then edited slightly to clean it up.
Phalanx XXII May 2001 PHALANX(6)
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