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Mbk physical instance.

October 1, 1997


phins - mbk physical instance


The phins structure is used to describe a instance belonging to a symbolic layout model, see phfig(3) for details. The declarations needed to work on phins are available in the header file "/labo/include/mph402.h", where '402' is the actual mbk version. The following C structure supports the description of the instance : typedef struct phins { struct phins ∗NEXT; char ∗INSNAME; char ∗FIGNAME; long XINS,YINS; char TRANSF; struct ptype ∗USER; } phins_list; NEXT Pointer to the next instance in the list. FIGNAME Model of the instance. This gives the name of the figure that is cur‐ rently beeing instanciated. The model may not be present in memory. NAME Name of the instance. The instance is identified by its name, so it should be unique at a given hierarchical level. XINS, YINS Coordinates of the lower left corner of the instance, after possible geometrical operation. TRANSF Contains the geometrical operations that should be performed before placing the instance. Eight legal values are allowed : NOSYM no operation SYM_X x becomes -x SYM_Y y becomes -y SYMXY x becomes -x and y becomes -y ROT_P rotates 90 degrees counter clockwise ROT_M rotates 90 degrees clockwise SY_RP x becomes -x then rotates 90 degrees counter clockwise SY_RM x becomes -x then rotates 90 degrees clockwise USER Pointer to a ptype list, see ptype(3) for details, that is a general purpose pointer used to share informations on the instance. Remark : the phins structure does not contain any information about the size of the instance. Neither the abutment box nor the connectors are avail‐ able. The model must be loaded when such information is needed.


mbk(1), addphins(3), getphins(3), delphins(3), phfig(3), ptype(3).
ASIM/LIP6 October 1, 1997 PHINS(3)
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