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Graphical game server for Pioneers.

January 8, 2012
pioneers-server-gtk(6) Games Manual pioneers-server-gtk(6)


pioneers-server-gtk - graphical game server for Pioneers


pioneers-server-gtk [options]


This manual page documents briefly the pioneers-server-gtk command. Pioneers is an implementation of the popular, award-winning "Settlers of Catan" board game for the GNOME desktop environment. It uses a client/server model for networked play of between two and eight players. This program provides a GUI-configurable stand-alone server which you connect to from pioneers itself.


Pioneers accepts the standard GTK+ commandline options.


The default settings of the server can be influenced with the following three environment variables: PIONEERS_METASERVER The hostname of the metaserver when no metaserver is specified in the user inter‐ face. (The settings file takes precedence) PIONEERS_SERVER_NAME The hostname of the server. If it is not set, the hostname is determined by host‐ name(1). (The settings file takes precedence) PIONEERS_DIR The path to the game definition files. If it is not set, the default installation path will be used.


/usr/share/games/pioneers/*.game and $XDG_DATA_HOME/pioneers/*.game Game definitions /usr/share/pixmaps/pioneers-server.png Game icon $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pioneers-server Saved settings /usr/share/games/pioneers/computer_names A list of names the computer player can use


This manual page was written by Steve Langasek <>, and updated by Roland Clobus <>. Pioneers was written by Dave Cole <>, Andy Heroff <>, and Roman Hodek <>, with contributions from many other developers on the Internet; see the AUTHORS file in the pioneers distribution for a complete list of contributing authors.


pioneers(6), pioneers-server-console(6), pioneersai(6)
pioneers January 8, 2012 pioneers-server-gtk(6)
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