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A next generation computer role-playing game.

Nov 3, 2007
pq(6) Games Manual pq(6)


pq - a next generation computer role-playing game


pq [options] [character.pq]


Progress Quest is a "fire and forget" computer role-playing game, where you create a fan‐ tasy character and watch it advance.


-no-backup Do not make a backup file when saving the game -no-report-save Do not display the "Game saved" message when saving -no-tray Do not minimize to the system tray -export Export a text character sheet periodically -export-only Export a text character now, then exit -help Display a pop-up displaying the command line options


~/character.pq One of these save files will be automatically created for each of your game char‐ acters ~/character.bak Backup copy of the save file. Also created for each character ~/character.sheet Exported character sheet for your character


Progress Quest was written by Eric Fredricksen. Ubuntu packaging and Ubuntu integration was originally created by Toni Ruottu <>. You may visit Progress Quest homepage at .
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