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Prayer user session backend daemon.

17 August 2008
PRAYER-SESSION(8)                     System Manager's Manual                   PRAYER-SESSION(8)


prayer-session — Prayer user session backend daemon


prayer-session [--config-file file] [[--config-option name=value] ...] [--foreground]


prayer-session is the backend process in the Prayer Webmail system. A fresh prayer-session backend is forked off whenever a user logs in. This process contains all of the permanent state associated with that login session includ‐ ing one or more connections to a IMAP server and possibly connections to accountd servers. prayer-session communicates with the user using HTML over HTTP connections via the prayer(8) proxy. Each login has a session ID that the front end processes use to find the correct backend. Backend server processes move into a dormant state after a certain period of inactivity, shutting down IMAP and accountd connections which can be easily resuscitated when the ses‐ sion wakes up. After a long period of inactivity, typically several hours the session process shuts down. prayer-session accepts the following command-line options: --config-file file Reads configuration from file instead of the default /etc/prayer/ --config-option name=value Sets (overrides) the configuration option name to value. Any number of options can be specified in this manner. --foreground Debug mode. Run a single process in the foreground.


PRAYER_CONFIG_FILE Can be set to specify the configuration file to use. The --config-file option takes precedence over this variable. PRAYER_HOSTNAME Local hostname. Overrides the hostname setting in the configuration file as well as on the command line.


/usr/local/prayer/etc/ Default configuration file. /usr/local/prayer/templates/ Location of standard templates. The templates are compiled into prayer-session for performance reasons, so the template files are actually not used, but they are available for customization.




This manual page was put together by Magnus Holmgren <> using documenta‐ tion written by David Carter <>.
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