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Generate quality controllable random passphrase.

March 13, 2010
PWQGEN(1)                          BSD General Commands Manual                          PWQGEN(1)

NAME pwqgen — Generate quality controllable random passphrase
SYNOPSIS pwqgen [options]
DESCRIPTION The pwqgen program generates a random passphrase using the libpasswdqc library. Strength of the generated passphrase depends on the amount of randomness read from /dev/urandom.
OPTIONS random=N (default: random=47) The size of randomly-generated passphrase in bits (24 to 85). config=FILE Load config FILE in the passwdqc.conf format. This file may define any options described in passwdqc.conf(5), but only the random and config options are honored by pwqgen. --version Output pwqgen program version and exit. -h, --help Output pwqgen help text and exit.
EXIT STATUS pwqgen exits with non-zero status when it encounters invalid config file, invalid option, invalid parameter value, when it fails to obtain enough randomness, and in any case when it fails to generate a passphrase.
FILES /etc/passwdqc.conf.
SEE ALSO pwqcheck(1), urandom(4), passwdqc.conf(5), pam_passwdqc(8).
AUTHORS The pam_passwdqc module was written for Openwall GNU/*/Linux by Solar Designer. The pwqgen program was originally written for ALT GNU/*/Linux by Dmitry V. Levin, indirectly reusing code from pam_passwdqc (via libpasswdqc). This manual page was written for Openwall GNU/*/Linux by Dmitry V. Levin.
Openwall Project March 13, 2010 Openwall Project
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pwqgen(1) referred by pwqcheck(1)
refer to pam_passwdqc(8) | passwdqc.conf(5) | pwqcheck(1) | random(4)