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Sport activity logging tool.

pytrainer(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual pytrainer(7)


pytrainer - sport activity logging tool


pytrainer [options]


pytrainer is a tool to log all sport excursions coming from GPS devices (with a focus on Forerunner) or GPX ( files. Pytrainer supports GPS track files and displays it in graphs, maps...


-h, --help show this help message and exit -d, --debug enable logging at debug level -i, --info enable logging at info level -w, --warn enable logging at warning level --valid enable validation of files imported by plugins (details at info or debug logging level) - note plugin must support validation --check triggers database (only sqlite based) and configuration file sanity checks, adding fields if necessary. Backup of database is done before any change. Details at info or debug logging level --oldgraph Turn off new graphing approach --newgraph Deprecated option: turn on new graphing approach --confdir=CONF_DIR Specify the directory where application configuration will be stored. --logtype=TYPE Specify where logging should be output to. TYPE is one of 'file' (default), or 'console'.


pytrainer starts pytrainer with log level set to ERROR pytrainer -d starts pytrainer with log level set to DEBUG (troubleshooting)


This manual page was originally written by Braulio Valdivielso <> and polished by Christian Perrier <>. Detailed information and further changes by David García Granda <>. For more information please check 'Credits' in 'About' menu. Thanks to everyone who contributes and supports pytrainer.


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