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Respond to delivery notice requests.

qreceipt(1)                          General Commands Manual                          qreceipt(1)

NAME qreceipt - respond to delivery notice requests
SYNOPSIS in .qmail: |qreceipt youraddress
DESCRIPTION When a mail message arrives with youraddress listed in a Notice-Requested-Upon-Delivery-To header field, qreceipt sends a success notice back to the envelope sender. WARNING: If you create a .qmail file to enable qreceipt, make sure to also add a line specifying delivery to your normal mailbox. For example: /home/joe/Mailbox |qreceipt
SEE ALSO dot-qmail(5), envelopes(5)
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qreceipt(1) referred by qmail(7)
refer to dot-qmail(5) | envelopes(5)