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Create and manipulate randomizer channels.

random(3tcl)                                                                         random(3tcl)

NAME random - Create and manipulate randomizer channels
SYNOPSIS package require Tcl package require memchan random
DESCRIPTION random creates a random channel which absorbs everything written into it and uses it as a seed for a random number generator. This generator is used to create a random sequence of bytes when reading from the channel. It is not possible to seek the channel.
OPTIONS Memory channels created by random provide one additional option to set or query. -delay ?milliseconds? A random channel is always writable and readable. This means that all fileevent- handlers will fire continuously. To avoid starvation of other event sources the events raised by this channel type have a configurable delay. This option is set in milliseconds and defaults to 5.
SEE ALSO fifo, fifo2, memchan, null, zero
KEYWORDS channel, i/o, in-memory channel, random
Memory channels 2.2 random(3tcl)