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Read information for all current processes at once.

14 July 2014
READPROCTAB(3)                      Linux Programmer's Manual                      READPROCTAB(3)

NAME readproctab, freeproctab - read information for all current processes at once
SYNOPSIS #include <proc/readproc.h> proc_t** readproctab(int flags, ... ); void freeproctab(proc_t **p);
DESCRIPTION readproctab reads information on all processes matching the criteria from flags, allocat‐ ing memory for everything as needed. It returns a NULL-terminated list of proc_t pointers. For more information on the arguments of readproctab, see openproc(3). freeproctab frees all memory allocated by readproctab. The proc_t structure is defined in <proc/readproc.h>, please look there for a definition of all fields.
SEE ALSO openproc(3), readproc(3), /proc/, /usr/include/proc/readproc.h.
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Linux Manpage 14 July 2014 READPROCTAB(3)
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