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Java programming game with battle tanks.

October 2014
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Robocode - Java programming game with battle tanks


robocode [-?] [-help] [-cwd path] [-battle filename [-results filename] [-record filename] [-recordXML filename] [-replay filename] [-tps tps] [-minimize] [-nodisplay] [-nosound]


-? or -help Prints out the command line usage of Robocode -cwd <path> Change the current working directory -battle <battle file> Run the battle specified in a battle file -results <results file> Save results to the specified text file -record <bin record file> Record the battle into the specified file as binary -recordXML <xml rec file> Record the battle into the specified file as XML -replay <record file> Replay the specified battle record -tps <tps> Set the TPS > 0 (Turns Per Second) -minimize Run minimized when Robocode starts -nodisplay Run with the display / GUI disabled -nosound Run with sound disabled Java Properties include: -DWORKINGDIRECTORY=<path> Set the working directory -DROBOTPATH=<path> Set the robots directory (default is 'robots') -DBATTLEPATH=<path> Set the battles directory (default is 'battles') -DNOSECURITY=true|false Enable/disable Robocode's security manager -Ddebug=true|false Enable/disable debugging used for preventing robot timeouts and skipped turns, and allows an an unlimited painting buffer when debugging robots -DlogMessages=true|false Log messages and warnings will be disabled -DlogErrors=true|false Log errors will be disabled -DEXPERIMENTAL=true|false Enable/disable access to peer in robot interfaces -DPARALLEL=true|false Enable/disable parallel processing of robots turns -DRANDOMSEED=<long number> Set seed for deterministic behavior of random numbers


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Java programming game October 2014 ROBOCODE(6)
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