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Never ending September date.

4620 September 1993
sdate(1)                                  Debian manual                                  sdate(1)

NAME sdate - never ending September date
SYNOPSIS sdate [-e|--epoch yyyy-mm] [-l|--lib library] [--] [command]
DESCRIPTION sdate runs a command in an environment wherein it wraps the libc localtime() and gmtime() calls such that the program will use the eternal September date. The wrapper functions are in a shared library /usr/lib/libsdate/* which is loaded through the LD_PRELOAD mechanism of the dynamic loader. (See
OPTIONS -e yyyy-mm, --epoch yyyy-mm Specify an alternative epoch, default is 1993-09. -l library, --lib library Specify an alternative wrapper library. [--] command Any command you want to be ran. Use ‘--’ if in the command you have other options that may confuse sdate's option parsing. -h Display help. -v Display version.
FILES /usr/lib/libsdate/* The shared library containing the wrapper functions.
LIMITATIONS Library versions Every command executed within sdate needs to be linked to the same version of the C library as sdate itself.
COPYING sdate is distributed under the GNU General Public License. (GPL v2 or later).
AUTHORS Christoph Berg <>
Debian Project 4620 September 1993 sdate(1)
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