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Allows applications to easily install and remove software.

December 2009
SESSIONINSTALLER(1)                        User manual                        SESSIONINSTALLER(1)

NAME session-installer - allows applications to easily install and remove software
SYNOPSIS session-installer
DESCRIPTION Session-installer allows applications to easily install additional software (e.g. exten‐ sions or GSreamer codecs), uninstall files and perform simple package status queries by calling a distribution neutral D-Bus interface. The whole process of confirmation, error reporting and progress notification is handled by sessioninstaller. Currently it comes only with a GTK based user interface. The D-Bus interface is developed under the PackageKit umbrella and is available on the session bus. The reference implementation can be found in gnome-packagekit. It was also adopted by KPackageKit. In contrast to gnome-packagekit and KPackageKit it doesn't use the PackageKit daemon for querying and installation, but instead makes use of APT and aptdaemon directly (alterna‐ tively synaptic can be used). Normally it is not required to start this programme manually since it makes use of D-Bus activation and will be started on request automatically.
ENVIRONMENT SESSIONINSTALLER_BACKEND Set the package manager which should be used for installation. Possible values are aptdaemon, synaptic and dummy.
BUGS You can report bugs at the Launchpad site of aptdaemon:‐ sioninstaller/+filebug
AUTHOR Sebastian Heinlein <devel at glatzor dot de>
SEE ALSO aptd(1)
Linux December 2009 SESSIONINSTALLER(1)
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session-installer(1) referred by gst-install(1)
refer to aptd(1)