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SELinux status tool.

26 Nov 2011
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sestatus - SELinux status tool


sestatus [-v] [-b] This tool is used to get the status of a system running SELinux.


This manual page describes the sestatus program. This tool is used to get the status of a system running SELinux. It displays data about whether SELinux is enabled or disabled, location of key directories, and the loaded policy with its status as shown in the example: > sestatus SELinux status: enabled SELinuxfs mount: /selinux SELinux root directory: /etc/selinux Loaded policy name: targeted Current mode: permissive Mode from config file: enforcing Policy MLS status: enabled Policy deny_unknown status: allow Memory protection checking: actual (secure) Max kernel policy version: 26 sestatus can also be used to display: - The security context of files and processes listed in the /etc/sestatus.conf file. The format of this file is described in sestatus.conf(5). - The status of booleans.


-v Displays the contexts of files and processes listed in the /etc/sestatus.conf file. It also checks whether the file is a symbolic link, if so then the context of the target file is also shown. The following contexts will always be displayed: The current process context The init process context The controlling terminal file context -b Display the current state of booleans.




This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <>. The program was written by Chris PeBenito <>


selinux(8), sestatus.conf(5)
Security Enhanced Linux 26 Nov 2011 sestatus(8)
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sestatus(8) referred by check-selinux-installation(8) | postfix-nochroot(8) | secil2conf(8) | secilc(8) | selinux-config-enforcing(8) | selinux-policy-upgrade(8) | selinux_config(5) | sestatus.conf(5)
refer to selinux(8) | sestatus.conf(5)
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