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The STDLIB application.

stdlib 3.4.3
STDLIB(7) Erlang Application Definition STDLIB(7)


STDLIB - The STDLIB application.


The STDLIB application is mandatory in the sense that the minimal system based on Erlang/OTP consists of Kernel and STDLIB. The STDLIB application contains no services.


The following configuration parameters are defined for the STDLIB application. For more information about configuration parameters, see the app(5) module in Kernel. shell_esc = icl | abort: Can be used to change the behavior of the Erlang shell when ^G is pressed. restricted_shell = module(): Can be used to run the Erlang shell in restricted mode. shell_catch_exception = boolean(): Can be used to set the exception handling of the evaluator process of Erlang shell. shell_history_length = integer() >= 0: Can be used to determine how many commands are saved by the Erlang shell. shell_prompt_func = {Mod, Func} | default: where * Mod = atom() * Func = atom() Can be used to set a customized Erlang shell prompt function. shell_saved_results = integer() >= 0: Can be used to determine how many results are saved by the Erlang shell. shell_strings = boolean(): Can be used to determine how the Erlang shell outputs lists of integers.


app(5), application(3erl), shell(3erl)
Ericsson AB stdlib 3.4.3 STDLIB(7)
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