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Generates the documentation for a Supybot plugin.

May 2009
SUPYBOT-PLUGIN-DOC(1)                General Commands Manual                SUPYBOT-PLUGIN-DOC(1)

NAME supybot-plugin-doc - Generates the documentation for a Supybot plugin
SYNOPSIS supybot-plugin-doc [options]
DESCRIPTION supybot-plugin-doc is used to generate documentation (StructuredText or reStructuredText format) for a supybot(1) plugin.
OPTIONS --version Show version of program. -h, --help Show summary of options. -c, --clean Clean the various data/conf/log directories after generating the docs. -o, --output-dir=OUTPUTDIR Specifies the directory in which to write the documentation for the plugin. -f, --format=FORMAT Specifies which output format to use. Choices are 'rst' or 'stx'. --plugins-dir=PLUGINSDIRS Looks in the given directory for plugins and generates documentation for all of them.
SEE ALSO python(1), supybot(1), supybot-test(1), supybot-botchk(1), supybot-wizard(1), supybot- adduser(1), supybot-plugin-create(1)
AUTHOR This manual page was originally written by James Vega <jamessan at supybot dot com>. Per‐ mission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Supybot license, a BSD-style license.
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supybot-plugin-doc(1) referred by supybot(1) | supybot-plugin-create(1)
refer to python2.7(1) | supybot(1) | supybot-botchk(1) | supybot-plugin-create(1) | supybot-test(1) | supybot-wizard(1)