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Dec 19, 2017


syncthing-rest-api - REST API


Syncthing exposes a REST interface over HTTP on the GUI port. This is used by the GUI code (JavaScript) and can be used by other processes wishing to control Syncthing. In most cases both the input and output data is in JSON format. The interface is subject to change.


To use the REST AP an API key must be set and used. The API key can be generated in the GUI, or set in the configuration/gui/apikey element in the configuration file. To use an API key, set the request header X-API-Key to the API key value. For example, curl -X POST -H "X-API-Key: abc123" http://localhost:8384/rest/... can be used to invoke with curl.


GET /rest/system/browse Returns a list of directories matching the path given by the optional parameter current. The path can use patterns as described in Go’s filepath package <>. A ‘*’ will always be appended to the given path (e.g. /tmp/ matches all its subdirectories). If the option current is not given, filesystem root paths are returned. $ curl -H "X-API-Key: yourkey" localhost:8384/rest/system/browse | json_pp [ "/" ] $ curl -H "X-API-Key: yourkey" localhost:8384/rest/system/browse?current=/var/ | json_pp [ "/var/backups/", "/var/cache/", "/var/lib/", "/var/local/", "/var/lock/", "/var/log/", "/var/mail/", "/var/opt/", "/var/run/", "/var/spool/", "/var/tmp/" ] $ curl -H "X-API-Key: yourkey" localhost:8384/rest/system/browse?current=/var/*o | json_pp [ "/var/local/", "/var/lock/", "/var/log/", "/var/opt/", "/var/spool/" ] GET /rest/system/config Returns the current configuration. { { "version": 15, "folders": [ { "id": "GXWxf-3zgnU", "label": "MyFolder", "path": "...", "type": "readwrite", "devices": [ { "deviceID": "..." } ], "rescanIntervalS": 60, "ignorePerms": false, "autoNormalize": true, "minDiskFreePct": 1, "versioning": { "type": "simple", "params": { "keep": "5" } }, "copiers": 0, "pullers": 0, "hashers": 0, "order": "random", "ignoreDelete": false, "scanProgressIntervalS": 0, "pullerSleepS": 0, "pullerPauseS": 0, "maxConflicts": 10, "disableSparseFiles": false, "disableTempIndexes": false, "fsync": false, "invalid": "" } ], "devices": [ { "deviceID": "...", "name": "Laptop", "addresses": [ "dynamic", "tcp://" ], "compression": "metadata", "certName": "", "introducer": false } ], "gui": { "enabled": true, "address": "", "user": "Username", "password": "$2a$10$ZFws69T4FlvWwsqeIwL.TOo5zOYqsa/.TxlUnsGYS.j3JvjFTmxo6", "useTLS": false, "apiKey": "pGahcht56664QU5eoFQW6szbEG6Ec2Cr", "insecureAdminAccess": false, "theme": "default" }, "options": { "listenAddresses": [ "default" ], "globalAnnounceServers": [ "default" ], "globalAnnounceEnabled": true, "localAnnounceEnabled": true, "localAnnouncePort": 21027, "localAnnounceMCAddr": "[ff12::8384]:21027", "maxSendKbps": 0, "maxRecvKbps": 0, "reconnectionIntervalS": 60, "relaysEnabled": true, "relayReconnectIntervalM": 10, "startBrowser": false, "natEnabled": true, "natLeaseMinutes": 60, "natRenewalMinutes": 30, "natTimeoutSeconds": 10, "urAccepted": -1, "urUniqueId": "", "urURL": "", "urPostInsecurely": false, "urInitialDelayS": 1800, "restartOnWakeup": true, "autoUpgradeIntervalH": 12, "keepTemporariesH": 24, "cacheIgnoredFiles": false, "progressUpdateIntervalS": 5, "limitBandwidthInLan": false, "minHomeDiskFreePct": 1, "releasesURL": "", "alwaysLocalNets": [], "overwriteRemoteDeviceNamesOnConnect": false, "tempIndexMinBlocks": 10 }, "ignoredDevices": [] } } GET /rest/system/config/insync Returns whether the config is in sync, i.e. whether the running configuration is the same as that on disk. { "configInSync": true } POST /rest/system/config Post the full contents of the configuration, in the same format as returned by the corre‐ sponding GET request. The configuration will be saved to disk and the configInSync flag set to false. Restart Syncthing to activate. GET /rest/system/connections NOTE: Return format changed in 0.13.0. Returns the list of configured devices and some metadata associated with them. The list also contains the local device itself as not connected. The connection types are TCP (Client), TCP (Server), Relay (Client) and Relay (Server). { "total" : { "paused" : false, "clientVersion" : "", "at" : "2015-11-07T17:29:47.691637262+01:00", "connected" : false, "inBytesTotal" : 1479, "type" : "", "outBytesTotal" : 1318, "address" : "" }, "connections" : { "YZJBJFX-RDBL7WY-6ZGKJ2D-4MJB4E7-ZATSDUY-LD6Y3L3-MLFUYWE-AEMXJAC" : { "connected" : true, "inBytesTotal" : 556, "paused" : false, "at" : "2015-11-07T17:29:47.691548971+01:00", "clientVersion" : "v0.12.1", "address" : "", "type" : "TCP (Client)", "outBytesTotal" : 550 }, "DOVII4U-SQEEESM-VZ2CVTC-CJM4YN5-QNV7DCU-5U3ASRL-YVFG6TH-W5DV5AA" : { "outBytesTotal" : 0, "type" : "", "address" : "", "at" : "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z", "clientVersion" : "", "paused" : false, "inBytesTotal" : 0, "connected" : false }, "UYGDMA4-TPHOFO5-2VQYDCC-7CWX7XW-INZINQT-LE4B42N-4JUZTSM-IWCSXA4" : { "address" : "", "type" : "", "outBytesTotal" : 0, "connected" : false, "inBytesTotal" : 0, "paused" : false, "at" : "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z", "clientVersion" : "" } } } GET /rest/system/debug New in version 0.12.0. Returns the set of debug facilities and which of them are currently enabled. { "enabled": [ "beacon" ], "facilities": { "beacon": "Multicast and broadcast discovery", "config": "Configuration loading and saving", "connections": "Connection handling", "db": "The database layer", "dialer": "Dialing connections", "discover": "Remote device discovery", "events": "Event generation and logging", "http": "REST API", "main": "Main package", "model": "The root hub", "protocol": "The BEP protocol", "relay": "Relay connection handling", "scanner": "File change detection and hashing", "stats": "Persistent device and folder statistics", "sync": "Mutexes", "upgrade": "Binary upgrades", "upnp": "UPnP discovery and port mapping", "versioner": "File versioning" } } POST /rest/system/debug New in version 0.12.0. Enables or disables debugging for specified facilities. Give one or both of enable and disable query parameters, with comma separated facility names. To disable debugging of the beacon and discovery packages, and enable it for config and db: $ curl -H X-API-Key:abc123 -X POST 'http://localhost:8384/rest/system/debug?disable=beacon ↲ ,discovery&enable=config,db' GET /rest/system/discovery Returns the contents of the local discovery cache. { "LGFPDIT7SKNNJVJZA4FC7QNCRKCE753K72BW5QD2FOZ7FRFEP57Q": [ "" ] } POST /rest/system/discovery NOTE: Removed in v0.12.0. Post with the query parameters device and addr to add entries to the discovery cache. curl -X POST ↲ CE753K72BW5QD2FOZ7FRFEP57Q\&addr= # Or with the X-API-Key header: curl -X POST --header "X-API-Key: TcE28kVPdtJ8COws1JdM0b2nodj77WeQ" ↲ rest/system/discovery?device=LGFPDIT7SKNNJVJZA4FC7QNCRKCE753K72BW5QD2FOZ7FRFEP57Q\&addr= POST /rest/system/error/clear Post with empty to body to remove all recent errors. GET /rest/system/error NOTE: Return format changed in 0.12.0. Returns the list of recent errors. { "errors": [ { "when": "2014-09-18T12:59:26.549953186+02:00", "message": "This is an error string" } ] } POST /rest/system/error Post with an error message in the body (plain text) to register a new error. The new error will be displayed on any active GUI clients. GET /rest/system/log New in version 0.12.0. Returns the list of recent log entries. { "messages": [ { "when": "2014-09-18T12:59:26.549953186+02:00", "message": "This is a log entry" } ] } POST /rest/system/pause Pause the given device or all devices. Takes the optional parameter device (device ID). When omitted, pauses all devices. Returns status 200 and no content upon success, or status 500 and a plain text error on failure. GET /rest/system/ping Returns a {"ping": "pong"} object. { "ping": "pong" } POST /rest/system/ping Returns a {"ping": "pong"} object. POST /rest/system/reset Post with empty body to erase the current index database and restart Syncthing. With no query parameters, the entire database is erased from disk. By specifying the folder parameter with a valid folder ID, only information for that folder will be erased: $ curl -X POST -H "X-API-Key: abc123" http://localhost:8384/rest/system/reset?folder=defau ↲ lt POST /rest/system/restart Post with empty body to immediately restart Syncthing. POST /rest/system/resume Resume the given device or all devices. Takes the optional parameter device (device ID). When omitted, resumes all devices. Returns status 200 and no content upon success, or status 500 and a plain text error on failure. POST /rest/system/shutdown Post with empty body to cause Syncthing to exit and not restart. GET /rest/system/status Returns information about current system status and resource usage. { "alloc": 30618136, "connectionServiceStatus": { "dynamic+": { "lanAddresses": [ "relay:// ↲ P7T-434XCAD&pingInterval=1m0s&networkTimeout=2m0s&sessionLimitBps=0&globalLimitBps=0&statusAddr=:22070&providedBy=canton7" ], "wanAddresses": [ "relay:// ↲ P7T-434XCAD&pingInterval=1m0s&networkTimeout=2m0s&sessionLimitBps=0&globalLimitBps=0&statusAddr=:22070&providedBy=canton7" ] }, "tcp://": { "lanAddresses": [ "tcp://" ], "wanAddresses": [ "tcp://" ] } }, "cpuPercent": 0.006944836512046966, "discoveryEnabled": true, "discoveryErrors": { "global@": "500 Internal Server Error", "global@": "Post https://discovery-v4-2.syncth ↲ net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)", "global@": "Post https://discovery-v4-3.syncth ↲ net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)", "global@": "Post https://discovery-v6-1.syncth ↲ dial tcp [2001:470:28:4d6::5]:443: connect: no route to host", "global@": "Post https://discovery-v6-2.syncth ↲ dial tcp [2604:a880:800:10::182:a001]:443: connect: no route to host", "global@": "Post https://discovery-v6-3.syncth ↲ dial tcp [2400:6180:0:d0::d9:d001]:443: connect: no route to host" }, "discoveryMethods": 8, "goroutines": 49, "myID": "P56IOI7-MZJNU2Y-IQGDREY-DM2MGTI-MGL3BXN-PQ6W5BM-TBBZ4TJ-XZWICQ2", "pathSeparator": "/", "startTime": "2016-06-06T19:41:43.039284753+02:00", "sys": 42092792, "themes": [ "default", "dark" ], "tilde": "/Users/jb", "uptime": 2635 } GET /rest/system/upgrade Checks for a possible upgrade and returns an object describing the newest version and upgrade possibility. { "latest": "v0.10.27", "newer": false, "running": "v0.10.27+5-g36c93b7" } POST /rest/system/upgrade Perform an upgrade to the newest released version and restart. Does nothing if there is no newer version than currently running. GET /rest/system/version Returns the current Syncthing version information. { "arch": "amd64", "longVersion": "syncthing v0.10.27+3-gea8c3de (go1.4 darwin-amd64 default) jb@syno 2015- ↲ 03-16 11:01:29 UTC", "os": "darwin", "version": "v0.10.27+3-gea8c3de" }


GET /rest/db/browse Returns the directory tree of the global model. Directories are always JSON objects (map/dictionary), and files are always arrays of modification time and size. The first integer is the files modification time, and the second integer is the file size. The call takes one mandatory folder parameter and two optional parameters. Optional param‐ eter levels defines how deep within the tree we want to dwell down (0 based, defaults to unlimited depth) Optional parameter prefix defines a prefix within the tree where to start building the structure. $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/db/browse?folder=default | json_pp { "directory": { "file": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928], "subdirectory": { "another file": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928] } }, "rootfile": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928] } $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/db/browse?folder=default&levels=0 | json_pp { "directory": {}, "rootfile": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928] } $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/db/browse?folder=default&levels=1 | json_pp { "directory": { "file": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928], "subdirectory": {} }, "rootfile": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928] } $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/db/browse?folder=default&prefix=directory/subdirector ↲ y | json_pp { "another file": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928] } $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/db/browse?folder=default&prefix=directory&levels=0 | ↲ json_pp { "file": ["2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", 130940928], "subdirectory": {} } NOTE: This is an expensive call, increasing CPU and RAM usage on the device. Use sparingly. GET /rest/db/completion Returns the completion percentage (0 to 100) for a given device and folder. Takes device and folder parameters. { "completion": 100, "globalBytes": 156793013575, "needBytes": 0, "needDeletes": 0 } NOTE: This is an expensive call, increasing CPU and RAM usage on the device. Use sparingly. GET /rest/db/file Returns most data available about a given file, including version and availability. Takes folder and file parameters. { "availability": [ "I6KAH76-66SLLLB-5PFXSOA-UFJCDZC-YAOMLEK-CP2GB32-BV5RQST-3PSROAU" ], "global": { "flags": "0644", "sequence": 3, "modified": "2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", "name": "util.go", "numBlocks": 1, "size": 9642, "version": [ "5407294127585413568:1" ] }, "local": { "flags": "0644", "sequence": 4, "modified": "2015-04-20T22:20:45+09:00", "name": "util.go", "numBlocks": 1, "size": 9642, "version": [ "5407294127585413568:1" ] } } GET /rest/db/ignores Takes one parameter, folder, and returns the content of the .stignore as the ignore field. A second field, expanded, provides a list of strings which represent globbing patterns described by gobwas/glob (based on standard wildcards) that match the patterns in .stig‐ nore and all the includes. If appropriate these globs are prepended by the following modi‐ fiers: ! to negate the glob, (?i) to do case insensitive matching and (?d) to enable removing of ignored files in an otherwise empty directory. { "ignore": [ "(?i)/Backups" ], "expanded": [ "(?i)Backups", "(?i)Backups/**" ] } POST /rest/db/ignores Expects a format similar to the output of GET call, but only containing the ignore field (expanded field should be omitted). It takes one parameter, folder, and either updates the content of the .stignore echoing it back as a response, or returns an error. GET /rest/db/need Takes one mandatory parameter, folder, and returns lists of files which are needed by this device in order for it to become in sync. Furthermore takes an optional page and perpage arguments for pagination. Pagination hap‐ pens, across the union of all needed files, that is - across all 3 sections of the response. For example, given the current need state is as follows: 1. progress has 15 items 2. queued has 3 items 3. rest has 12 items If you issue a query with page=1 and perpage=10, only the progress section in the response will have 10 items. If you issue a request query with page=2 and perpage=10, progress sec‐ tion will have the last 5 items, queued section will have all 3 items, and rest section will have first 2 items. If you issue a query for page=3 and perpage=10, you will only have the last 10 items of the rest section. In all these calls, total will be 30 to indicate the total number of available items. { # Files currently being downloaded "progress": [ { "flags": "0755", "sequence": 6, "modified": "2015-04-20T23:06:12+09:00", "name": "ls", "size": 34640, "version": [ "5157751870738175669:1" ] } ], # Files queued to be downloaded next (as per array order) "queued": [ ... ], # Files to be downloaded after all queued files will be downloaded. # This happens when we start downloading files, and new files get added while we are dow ↲ nloading. "rest": [ ... ], "page": 1, "perpage": 100, "total": 2000 } NOTE: This is an expensive call, increasing CPU and RAM usage on the device. Use sparingly. POST /rest/db/override Request override of a send-only folder. Takes the mandatory parameter folder (folder ID). curl -X POST POST /rest/db/prio Moves the file to the top of the download queue. curl -X POST Response contains the same output as GET /rest/db/need POST /rest/db/scan Request immediate scan. Takes the optional parameters folder (folder ID), sub (path rela‐ tive to the folder root) and next (time in seconds). If folder is omitted or empty all folders are scanned. If sub is given, only this path (and children, in case it’s a direc‐ tory) is scanned. The next argument delays Syncthing’s automated rescan interval for a given amount of seconds. Requesting scan of a path that no longer exists, but previously did, is valid and will result in Syncthing noticing the deletion of the path in question. Returns status 200 and no content upon success, or status 500 and a plain text error if an error occurred during scanning. curl -X POST GET /rest/db/status Returns information about the current status of a folder. Parameters: folder, the ID of a folder. { # latest version according to cluster: "globalBytes": 13173473780, "globalDeleted": 1847, "globalFiles": 42106, # what we have locally: "localBytes": 13173473780, "localDeleted": 1847, "localFiles": 42106, # which part of what we have locally is the latest cluster version: "inSyncBytes": 13173473780, "inSyncFiles": 42106, # which part of what we have locally should be fetched from the cluster: "needBytes": 0, "needFiles": 0, # various other metadata "ignorePatterns": true, "invalid": "", "state": "idle", "stateChanged": "2015-03-16T21:47:28.750853241+01:00", "version": 71989 } NOTE: This is an expensive call, increasing CPU and RAM usage on the device. Use sparingly.


Event API Description Syncthing provides a simple long polling interface for exposing events from the core util‐ ity towards a GUI. To receive events, perform a HTTP GET of /rest/events or /rest/events/disk. The latter returns only local-change-detected and remote-change-detected events, the former all other events unless filtered. To filter the event list, in effect creating a specific subscription for only the desired event types, add a parameter events=EventTypeA,EventTypeB,... where the event types are any from the list below. The optional parameter since=<lastSeenID> sets the ID of the last event you’ve already seen. Syncthing returns a JSON encoded array of event objects, starting at the event just after the one with this last seen ID. The default value is 0, which returns all events. There is a limit to the number of events buffered, so if the rate of events is high or the time between polling calls is long some events might be missed. This can be detected by noting a discontinuity in the event IDs. If no new events are produced since <lastSeenID>, the HTTP call blocks and waits for new events to happen before returning. By default it times out after 60 seconds returning an empty array. The time out duration can be customized with the optional parameter time‐ out=seconds. To receive only a limited number of events, add the limit=n parameter with a suitable value for n and only the last n events will be returned. This can be used to catch up with the latest event ID after a disconnection for example: /rest/events?since=0&limit=1. Event Structure Each event is represented by an object similar to the following: { "id": 2, "globalID": 3, "type": "DeviceConnected", "time": "2014-07-13T21:04:33.687836696+02:00", "data": { "addr": "", "id": "NFGKEKE-7Z6RTH7-I3PRZXS-DEJF3UJ-FRWJBFO-VBBTDND-4SGNGVZ-QUQHJAG" } } The top level keys id, globalID, time, type and data are always present, though data may be null. id A unique ID for this event on the events API. It always increases by 1: the first event generated has id 1, the next has id 2 etc. If this increases by more than 1, then one or more events have been skipped by the events API. globalID A global ID for this event, across the events API, the audit log, and any other sources. It may increase by more than 1, but it will always be greater than or equal to the id. time The time the event was generated. type Indicates the type of (i.e. reason for) the event and is one of the event types below. data An object containing optional extra information; the exact structure is determined by the event type. Event Types ConfigSaved Emitted after the config has been saved by the user or by Syncthing itself. { "id": 50, "type": "ConfigSaved", "time": "2014-12-13T00:09:13.5166486Z", "data": { "Version": 7, "Options": {"..."}, "GUI": {"..."}, "Devices": [{"..."}], "Folders": [{"..."}] } } DeviceConnected Generated each time a connection to a device has been established. { "id": 2, "type": "DeviceConnected", "time": "2014-07-13T21:04:33.687836696+02:00", "data": { "addr": "", "id": "NFGKEKE-7Z6RTH7-I3PRZXS-DEJF3UJ-FRWJBFO-VBBTDND-4SGNGVZ-QUQHJAG", "deviceName": "Laptop", "clientName": "syncthing", "clientVersion": "v0.13.4", "type": "TCP (Client)" } } DeviceDisconnected Generated each time a connection to a device has been terminated. { "id": 48, "type": "DeviceDisconnected", "time": "2014-07-13T21:18:52.859929215+02:00", "data": { "error": "unexpected EOF", "id": "NFGKEKE-7Z6RTH7-I3PRZXS-DEJF3UJ-FRWJBFO-VBBTDND-4SGNGVZ-QUQHJAG" } } NOTE: The error key contains the cause for disconnection, which might not necessarily be an error as such. Specifically, “EOF” and “unexpected EOF” both signify TCP connection termination, either due to the other device restarting or going offline or due to a network change. DeviceDiscovered Emitted when a new device is discovered using local discovery. { "id": 13, "type": "DeviceDiscovered", "time": "2014-07-17T13:28:05.043465207+02:00", "data": { "addrs": [ "" ], "device": "NFGKEKE-7Z6RTH7-I3PRZXS-DEJF3UJ-FRWJBFO-VBBTDND-4SGNGVZ-QUQHJAG" } } DevicePaused Emitted when a device was paused. { "id": 13, "type": "DevicePaused", "time": "2014-07-17T13:28:05.043465207+02:00", "data": { "device": "NFGKEKE-7Z6RTH7-I3PRZXS-DEJF3UJ-FRWJBFO-VBBTDND-4SGNGVZ-QUQHJAG" } } DeviceRejected Emitted when there is a connection from a device we are not configured to talk to. { "id": 24, "type": "DeviceRejected", "time": "2014-08-19T10:43:00.562821045+02:00", "data": { "address": "", "device": "EJHMPAQ-OGCVORE-ISB4IS3-SYYVJXF-TKJGLTU-66DIQPF-GJ5D2GX-GQ3OWQK" } } DeviceResumed Generated each time a device was resumed. { "id": 2, "type": "DeviceResumed", "time": "2014-07-13T21:04:33.687836696+02:00", "data": { "device": "NFGKEKE-7Z6RTH7-I3PRZXS-DEJF3UJ-FRWJBFO-VBBTDND-4SGNGVZ-QUQHJAG" } } DownloadProgress Emitted during file downloads for each folder for each file. By default only a single file in a folder is handled at the same time, but custom configuration can cause multiple files to be shown. { "id": 221, "type": "DownloadProgress", "time": "2014-12-13T00:26:12.9876937Z", "data": { "folder1": { "file1": { "Total": 800, "Pulling": 2, "CopiedFromOrigin": 0, "Reused": 633, "CopiedFromElsewhere": 0, "Pulled": 38, "BytesTotal": 104792064, "BytesDone": 87883776 }, "dir\\file2": { "Total": 80, "Pulling": 2, "CopiedFromOrigin": 0, "Reused": 0, "CopiedFromElsewhere": 0, "Pulled": 32, "BytesTotal": 10420224, "BytesDone": 4128768 } }, "folder2": { "file3": { "Total": 800, "Pulling": 2, "CopiedFromOrigin": 0, "Reused": 633, "CopiedFromElsewhere": 0, "Pulled": 38, "BytesTotal": 104792064, "BytesDone": 87883776 }, "dir\\file4": { "Total": 80, "Pulling": 2, "CopiedFromOrigin": 0, "Reused": 0, "CopiedFromElsewhere": 0, "Pulled": 32, "BytesTotal": 10420224, "BytesDone": 4128768 } } } } · Total - total number of blocks in the file · Pulling - number of blocks currently being downloaded · CopiedFromOrigin - number of blocks copied from the file we are about to replace · Reused - number of blocks reused from a previous temporary file · CopiedFromElsewhere - number of blocks copied from other files or potentially other folders · Pulled - number of blocks actually downloaded so far · BytesTotal - approximate total file size · BytesDone - approximate number of bytes already handled (already reused, copied or pulled) Where block size is 128KB. Files/folders appearing in the event data imply that the download has been started for that file/folder, where disappearing implies that the downloads have been finished or failed for that file/folder. There is always a last event emitted with no data, which implies all downloads have finished/failed. FolderCompletion The FolderCompletion event is emitted when the local or remote contents for a folder changes. It contains the completion percentage for a given remote device and is emitted once per currently connected remote device. { "id": 84, "type": "FolderCompletion", "time": "2015-04-17T14:14:27.043576583+09:00", "data": { "completion": 100, "device": "I6KAH76-66SLLLB-5PFXSOA-UFJCDZC-YAOMLEK-CP2GB32-BV5RQST-3PSROAU", "folder": "default" } } FolderErrors The FolderErrors event is emitted when a folder cannot be successfully synchronized. The event contains the ID of the affected folder and a list of errors for files or directories therein. This list of errors is obsolete once the folder changes state to syncing - if errors remain after the next synchronization attempt, a new FolderErrors event is emitted. { "id": 132, "type": "FolderErrors", "time": "2015-06-26T13:39:24.697401384+02:00", "data": { "errors": [ { "error": "open /Users/jb/src/ ↲ yncthing.aslkjd.tmp: permission denied", "path": "h2j/aslkjd" } ], "folder": "default" } } New in version 0.11.12. SEE ALSO: The statechanged event. FolderRejected Emitted when a device sends index information for a folder we do not have, or have but do not share with the device in question. { "id": 27, "type": "FolderRejected", "time": "2014-08-19T10:41:06.761751399+02:00", "data": { "device": "EJHMPAQ-OGCVORE-ISB4IS3-SYYVJXF-TKJGLTU-66DIQPF-GJ5D2GX-GQ3OWQK", "folder": "GXWxf-3zgnU", "folderLabel": "My Pictures" } } Folder Scan Progress Emitted in regular intervals (folder setting ProgressIntervalS, 2s by default) during scans giving the amount of bytes already scanned and to be scanned in total , as well as the current scanning rates in bytes per second. { "data" : { "total" : 1, "rate" : 0, "current" : 0, "folder" : "bd7q3-zskm5" }, "globalID" : 29, "type" : "FolderScanProgress", "time" : "2017-03-06T15:00:58.072004209+01:00", "id" : 29 } FolderSummary The FolderSummary event is emitted when folder contents have changed locally. This can be used to calculate the current local completion state. { "id": 16, "type": "FolderSummary", "time": "2015-04-17T14:12:20.460121585+09:00", "data": { "folder": "default", "summary": { "globalBytes": 0, "globalDeleted": 0, "globalFiles": 0, "ignorePatterns": false, "inSyncBytes": 0, "inSyncFiles": 0, "invalid": "", "localBytes": 0, "localDeleted": 0, "localFiles": 0, "needBytes": 0, "needFiles": 0, "state": "idle", "stateChanged": "2015-04-17T14:12:12.455224687+09:00", "version": 0 } } } ItemFinished Generated when Syncthing ends synchronizing a file to a newer version. A successful opera‐ tion: { "id": 93, "type": "ItemFinished", "time": "2014-07-13T21:22:03.414609034+02:00", "data": { "item": "test.txt", "folder": "default", "error": null, "type": "file", "action": "update" } } An unsuccessful operation: { "id": 44, "type": "ItemFinished", "time": "2015-05-27T11:21:05.711133004+02:00", "data": { "action": "update", "error": "open /Users/jb/src/ ↲ .hej.tmp: permission denied", "folder": "default", "item": "foo/hej", "type": "file" } } The action field is either update (contents changed), metadata (file metadata changed but not contents), or delete. New in version 0.11.10: The metadata action. ItemStarted Generated when Syncthing begins synchronizing a file to a newer version. { "id": 93, "type": "ItemStarted", "time": "2014-07-13T21:22:03.414609034+02:00", "data": { "item": "test.txt", "folder": "default", "type": "file", "action": "update" } } The action field is either update (contents changed), metadata (file metadata changed but not contents), or delete. New in version 0.11.10: The metadata action. Listen Addresses Changed This event is emitted when a listen address changes. { "type" : "ListenAddressesChanged", "id" : 70, "time" : "2017-03-06T15:01:24.88340663+01:00", "globalID" : 70, "data" : { "address" : { "Fragment" : "", "RawQuery" : "", "Scheme" : "dynamic+https", "Path" : "/endpoint", "RawPath" : "", "User" : null, "ForceQuery" : false, "Host" : "", "Opaque" : "" }, "wan" : [ { "ForceQuery" : false, "User" : null, "Host" : "", "Opaque" : "", "Path" : "/", "RawPath" : "", "RawQuery" : "id=F4HSJVO-CP2C3IL-YLQYLSU-XTYODAG-PPU4LGV-PH3MU4N-G6K56DV-IPN47 ↲ A&pingInterval=1m0s&networkTimeout=2m0s&sessionLimitBps=0&globalLimitBps=0&statusAddr=:22070&providedBy=", "Scheme" : "relay", "Fragment" : "" } ], "lan" : [ { "RawQuery" : "id=F4HSJVO-CP2C3IL-YLQYLSU-XTYODAG-PPU4LGV-PH3MU4N-G6K56DV-IPN47 ↲ A&pingInterval=1m0s&networkTimeout=2m0s&sessionLimitBps=0&globalLimitBps=0&statusAddr=:22070&providedBy=", "Scheme" : "relay", "Fragment" : "", "RawPath" : "", "Path" : "/", "Host" : "", "Opaque" : "", "ForceQuery" : false, "User" : null } ] } } LocalChangeDetected Generated upon scan whenever the local disk has discovered an updated file from the previ‐ ous scan. This does not include events that are discovered and copied from other devices (remote-change-detected), only files that were changed on the local filesystem. { "id": 7, "globalID": 59, "time": "2016-09-26T22:07:10.7189141-04:00", "type": "LocalChangeDetected", "data": { "action": "deleted", "folderID": "vitwy-zjxqt", "label": "TestSync", "path": "C:\\Users\\Nate\\Sync\\testfolder\\test file.rtf", "type": "file" } } LocalIndexUpdated Generated when the local index information has changed, due to synchronizing one or more items from the cluster or discovering local changes during a scan. { "id": 59, "type": "LocalIndexUpdated", "time": "2014-07-17T13:27:28.051369434+02:00", "data": { "folder": "default", "items": 1000, } } Login Attempt When authentication is enabled for the GUI, this event is emitted on every login attempt. If either the username or password are incorrect, success is false and in any case the given username is returned. { "id" : 187, "time" : "2017-03-07T00:19:24.420386143+01:00", "data" : { "username" : "somename", "success" : false }, "type" : "LoginAttempt", "globalID" : 195 } RemoteChangeDetected Generated upon scan whenever a file is locally updated due to a remote change. Files that are updated locally produce a local-change-detected event. { "time" : "2017-03-06T23:58:21.844739891+01:00", "globalID" : 123, "data" : { "type" : "file", "action" : "deleted", "path" : "/media/ntfs_data/Dokumente/testfile", "label" : "Dokumente", "folderID" : "Dokumente", "modifiedBy" : "BPDFDTU" }, "type" : "RemoteChangeDetected", "id" : 2 } Remote Download Progress This event is emitted when a download-progress message is received. It returns a map data of filenames with a count of downloaded blocks. The files in questions are currently being downloaded on the remote device and belong to folder. { "time" : "2017-03-07T00:11:37.65838955+01:00", "globalID" : 170, "data" : { "state" : { "tahr64-6.0.5.iso" : 1784 }, "device" : "F4HSJVO-CP2C3IL-YLQYLSU-XTYODAG-PPU4LGV-PH3MU4N-G6K56DV-IPN47A", "folder" : "Dokumente" }, "type" : "RemoteDownloadProgress", "id" : 163 } RemoteIndexUpdated Generated each time new index information is received from a device. { "id": 44, "type": "RemoteIndexUpdated", "time": "2014-07-13T21:04:35.394184435+02:00", "data": { "device": "NFGKEKE-7Z6RTH7-I3PRZXS-DEJF3UJ-FRWJBFO-VBBTDND-4SGNGVZ-QUQHJAG", "folder": "lightroom", "items": 1000 } } Starting Emitted exactly once, when Syncthing starts, before parsing configuration etc. { "id": 1, "type": "Starting", "time": "2014-07-17T13:13:32.044470055+02:00", "data": { "home": "/home/jb/.config/syncthing" } } StartupComplete Emitted exactly once, when initialization is complete and Syncthing is ready to start exchanging data with other devices. { "id": 1, "type": "StartupComplete", "time": "2014-07-13T21:03:18.383239179+02:00", "data": null } StateChanged Emitted when a folder changes state. Possible states are idle, scanning, syncing and error. The field duration is the number of seconds the folder spent in state from. In the example below, the folder default was in state scanning for 0.198 seconds and is now in state idle. { "id": 8, "type": "StateChanged", "time": "2014-07-17T13:14:28.697493016+02:00", "data": { "folder": "default", "from": "scanning", "duration": 0.19782869900000002, "to": "idle" } } GET /rest/events/disk Returns local disk events that occur when the scanner detects local file system changes (local-change-detected) or when files are pulled from a remote device (remote-change-detected). Optional GET parameters: · since (events starting after the given ID) · timeout (fail after given seconds if no event is available, 2s by default) · limit (return last x number of events) $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/events/disk?limit=4 | json { "id": 4, "globalID": 45, "time": "2016-09-26T22:06:10.4734536-04:00", "type": "LocalChangeDetected", "data": { "action": "added", "folderID": "vitwy-zxuqt", "label": "TestSync", "path": "C:\\Users\\Nate\\Sync\\testfolder", "type": "dir" } }, { "id": 5, "globalID": 46, "time": "2016-09-26T22:06:10.4754548-04:00", "type": "LocalChangeDetected", "data": { "action": "added", "folderID": "vitwy-zxuqt", "label": "TestSync", "path": "C:\\Users\\Nate\\Sync\\dfghdfj\\test file.rtf", "type": "file" } }, { "id": 6, "globalID": 58, "time": "2016-09-26T22:07:10.7189141-04:00", "type": "LocalChangeDetected", "data": { "action": "deleted", "folderID": "vitwy-zxuqt", "label": "TestSync", "path": "C:\\Users\\Nate\\Sync\\testfolder", "type": "dir" } }, { "id": 7, "globalID": 59, "time": "2016-09-26T22:07:10.7189141-04:00", "type": "LocalChangeDetected", "data": { "action": "deleted", "folderID": "vitwy-zxuqt", "label": "TestSync", "path": "C:\\Users\\Nate\\Sync\\dfghdfj\\test file.rtf", "type": "file" } }


GET /rest/stats/device Returns general statistics about devices. Currently, only contains the time the device was last seen. $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/stats/device | json { "P56IOI7-MZJNU2Y-IQGDREY-DM2MGTI-MGL3BXN-PQ6W5BM-TBBZ4TJ-XZWICQ2": { "lastSeen" : "2015-04-18T11:21:31.3256277+01:00" } } GET /rest/stats/folder Returns general statistics about folders. Currently contains the last scan time and the last synced file. $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/stats/folder | json { "folderid" : { "lastScan": "2016-06-02T13:28:01.288181412-04:00", "lastFile" : { "filename" : "file/name", "at" : "2015-04-16T22:04:18.3066971+01:00" } } }


GET /rest/svc/deviceid Verifies and formats a device ID. Accepts all currently valid formats (52 or 56 characters with or without separators, upper or lower case, with trivial substitutions). Takes one parameter, id, and returns either a valid device ID in modern format, or an error. $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/svc/deviceid?id=1234 | json { "error": "device ID invalid: incorrect length" } $ curl -s http://localhost:8384/rest/svc/deviceid?id=p56ioi7m--zjnu2iq-gdr-eydm-2mgtmgl3bx ↲ npq6w5btbbz4tjxzwicq | json { "id": "P56IOI7-MZJNU2Y-IQGDREY-DM2MGTI-MGL3BXN-PQ6W5BM-TBBZ4TJ-XZWICQ2" } GET /rest/svc/lang Returns a list of canonicalized localization codes, as picked up from the Accept-Language header sent by the browser. ["sv_sv","sv","en_us","en"] GET /rest/svc/random/string Returns a strong random generated string (alphanumeric) of the specified length. Takes the length parameter. { "random": "FdPaEaZQ56sXEKYNxpgF" } GET /rest/svc/report Returns the data sent in the anonymous usage report. { "folderMaxMiB" : 0, "platform" : "linux-amd64", "totMiB" : 0, "longVersion" : "syncthing v0.12.2 \"Beryllium Bedbug\" (go1.4.3 linux-amd64 default) u ↲ 2015-11-09 13:23:26 UTC", "upgradeAllowedManual" : true, "totFiles" : 3, "folderUses" : { "ignorePerms" : 0, "autoNormalize" : 0, "readonly" : 0, "ignoreDelete" : 0 }, "memoryUsageMiB" : 13, "version" : "v0.12.2", "sha256Perf" : 27.28, "numFolders" : 2, "memorySize" : 1992, "announce" : { "defaultServersIP" : 0, "otherServers" : 0, "globalEnabled" : false, "defaultServersDNS" : 1, "localEnabled" : false }, "usesRateLimit" : false, "numCPU" : 2, "uniqueID" : "", "urVersion" : 2, "rescanIntvs" : [ 60, 60 ], "numDevices" : 2, "folderMaxFiles" : 3, "relays" : { "defaultServers" : 1, "enabled" : true, "otherServers" : 0 }, "deviceUses" : { "compressMetadata" : 1, "customCertName" : 0, "staticAddr" : 1, "compressAlways" : 0, "compressNever" : 1, "introducer" : 0, "dynamicAddr" : 1 }, "upgradeAllowedAuto" : false }


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