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A user interface for installing tasks.

TASKSEL(8)                           Debian specific manpage                           TASKSEL(8)

NAME tasksel - a user interface for installing tasks
SYNOPSIS tasksel install <task> tasksel remove <task> tasksel [options]
DESCRIPTION tasksel shows all available tasks and allows to user to select ones to install
OPTIONS -t, --test test mode; don't actually install or remove packages --new-install automatically select some tasks without even displaying them to the user; default other tasks to on; used during new Debian installs. --list-tasks list on stdout the tasks that would be displayed in the tasksel interface --task-packages task lists on stdout the packages that are available and part of the given task Note that this option may be given more than once. --task-desc task outputs the extended description of the given task --debconf-apt-from waypoint Start the debconf-apt-progress bar here. --debconf-apt-to waypoint End the debconf-apt-progress bar here. --debconf-apt-progress options Pass the specified options to the debconf-apt-progress command that tasksel runs. These will be appended to any --from and --to options constructed by tasksel itself based on --debconf-apt-from and --debconf-apt-to options.
SEE ALSO dpkg(8), apt-get(8)
FILES /usr/share/tasksel/*.desc and /usr/local/share/tasksel/*.desc are used to define tasks.
AUTHOR tasksel was written by Randolph Chung <> and Joey Hess <>
HISTORY This document first appeared with tasksel-1.0
3.34ubuntu3 2016-01-02 TASKSEL(8)
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