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Run AsciiDoc conformance tests specified in configuration file.

TESTASCIIDOC(1)                                                                   TESTASCIIDOC(1)

NAME testasciidoc - Run AsciiDoc conformance tests specified in configuration file.
DESCRIPTION The testasciidoc(1) command run AsciiDoc conformance tests specified in configuration file.
COMMANDS The testasciidoc tools has 3 different commands: testasciidoc list testasciidoc run [NUMBER] [BACKEND] [OPTIONS] testasciidoc update [NUMBER] [BACKEND] [OPTIONS] The commands perform as follows: list List available tests cases. run Execute tests (regenerate temporary test cases and compare them to the reference files). update Regenerate and update test data reference files. Needs to be launched at least once to have the reference files to compare to during the tests. Where: NUMBER Is the index number of the action registered in testasciidoc list command. BACKEND Is the asciidoc backend to use. OPTIONS Are the options listed previously
OPTIONS -f, --conf-file=CONF_FILE Use configuration file CONF_FILE --force Update all test data overwriting existing data
EXAMPLES testasciidoc list Lists all the test actions available for running or updating. testasciidoc run Runs all the testing actions available. testasciidoc run 1 html5 --conf-file=/etc/asciidoc/testasciidoc.conf Run the test case 1 for the html5 asciidoc backend using the configuration file /etc/asciidoc/testasciidoc.conf. testasciidoc update 1 html5 Generate or update the reference files used for the tests cases 1st action of the html5 asciidoc backend.
EXIT STATUS 0 Success 1 Failure (syntax or usage error; configuration error; document processing failure; unexpected error).
BUGS See the AsciiDoc distribution BUGS file.
AUTHOR AsciiDoc was originally written by Stuart Rackham. Many people have contributed to it.
RESOURCES SourceForge: Main web site:
SEE ALSO asciidoc(1), a2x(1)
COPYING Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Stuart Rackham. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
09/11/2014 TESTASCIIDOC(1)
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