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UNIX Security Checker Explanation Generator.

12 August 2003
TIGEXP(8)                             Administrator Commands                            TIGEXP(8)

NAME tigexp - UNIX Security Checker Explanation Generator
SYNOPSIS tigexp msgid [msgid[msgid...]] tigexp [-f|-F] [security_report]
DESCRIPTION Tigexp is used to generate explanations of the output from the Tiger security checking package. In the first form, tigexp will generate an explanation of each of the message ids listed. In the second form, the security report specified will be scanned and expla‐ nations generated. The -f option will generate one explanation for each unique message id in the security report, whereas the -F option will output the security report with expla‐ nations inserted after each entry in the report. There are five different message levels produced by Tiger. Each of the message levels is the last letter of the message id. The levels are: ALERT A message of this level indicates that Tiger has detected a possible intrusion attempt or troublesome misconfiguration which can expose the whole system to attacks. FAIL Messages of this level indicate a violation of a generic security policy or a pos‐ sible intrusion. Appropriate action should be taken to fix this security issue. WARN Messages of this level indicate a security issue which should be checked further and might indicate a probable vulnerability or exposure. Most Tiger messages appear in this category. INFO These includes information messages which are not necessarily a security violation but might be useful for the administrator. Note that the tigerrc configuration file through the Tiger_Show_INFO_Msgs option determines whether or not Tiger shows these items. The default behaviour is to not show them. ERROR These messages are errors in the execution of Tiger (or any of its scripts), this is probably due to a misconfiguration in the program, because of a problem in the installation or because a file needed for the test is missing. The script who out‐ puts this error should be investigated further. CONFIG Messages with this level inform of stages in the configuration process of Tiger. They are not errors (otherwise ERROR would be used) but notices for the user run‐ ning the program explaining, for example, which configuration might be used. OPTIONS -f Scan the indicated security report and generate explanations of it. One explana‐ tion will be generated for each unique message id in the security report. If the name of a security report is not given, then the report is read from stdin. -F Output the indicated security report with explanations inserted after each entry in the report. If the name of a security report is not given, then the report is read from stdin.
FILES $TIGERHOMEDIR/doc/explain.idx
SEE ALSO tiger(8)
BUGS If the explanation index is out of date, it doesn't recognize it and generates junk.
Security 12 August 2003 TIGEXP(8)
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