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Utility to generate AFM files for TrueType fonts.

8 March 2016
TTF2AFM(1) General Commands Manual TTF2AFM(1)


ttf2afm - utility to generate AFM files for TrueType fonts




ttf2afm is used to generate Adobe Font Metrics (AFM) files for TrueType (TTF) fonts to allow them to be used with TeX. ttf2afm takes the name of a TrueType font file as a required argument. It may also take one or more options from the list below (-i and -u are mutually exclusive).


-i force printing glyph names in form `index'decnum -u force printing glyph names in form `uni'hexnum -c name write encoding tables to file name.eMN, where M is the platform ID and N is the encoding ID -v print program version -e enc encode AFM output using encoding vector from enc -o outfile output to file outfile instead of standard output -m num use Unicode mapping num in the font Platform numbers can be one of 0 Apple Unicode 1 Macintosh 2 ISO 3 Microsoft Encodings can be 0 Roman (if platform is Macintosh) 0 Symbol (if platform is Microsoft) 1 Unicode (if platform is Microsoft)


afm2tfm(1), afm2pl(1). FontForge ( LCDF TypeTools ( A closer look at TrueType fonts and pdfTeX, Han The Thanh (


Send bug reports to <> (public mailing list).


ttf2afm is part of pdfTeX and was written by Han The Thanh. This manual page was originally written by C.M. Connelly, for the Debian GNU/Linux system, and updated by Karl Berry and others.
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