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Configuration file for upgrade-system(8).

UPGRADE-SYSTEM.CONF(5)                   Debian GNU/Linux                  UPGRADE-SYSTEM.CONF(5)


upgrade-system.conf - Configuration file for upgrade-system(8)


upgrade-system.conf is the configuration file for the upgrade-system(8) Debian administra‐ tion utility. This file specifies command options used for calling apt-get(8) and debor‐ phan(1) within upgrade-system(8). Lines starting with a hash mark ("#") and empty lines are ignored.


The configuration file may contain any of these environment variables: CLEANOPTS This variable selects which one of autoclean or clean to execute as the apt-get(8) clean‐ ing command. For example: CLEANOPTS="clean" Consult the apt-get(8) manual page to check which options are available for any particular APT version, before setting this variable. UPGRADEOPTS This variable specifies which one of dist-upgrade or upgrade to execute as the apt-get(8) upgrade command and the command options. For example: UPGRADEOPTS="--fix-broken --purge --show-upgraded dist-upgrade" Consult the apt-get(8) manual page to check which options are available for any particular APT version, before setting this variable. ORPHANOPTS This variable specifies deborphan(1) command options. For example: ORPHANOPTS="--guess-all --libdevel" One should read the deborphan(1) manual page to check which options are available for any particular version, before setting this variable. FLAUSCH Setting this variable enables various extremely pedantic purge options. This variable has no default value. This feature is totally experimental; usage is strongly discouraged and should only be attempted by truly experienced Debian administrators. It can be used to sanitize a Debian system after a distribution upgrade or to detect packages that don't conform to the Debian Policy. Setting the variable as a command line environment, only when needed, is consid‐ ered a safer approach than adding it to upgrade-system.conf variables. sudo FLAUSCH=jawohl upgrade-system


Because upgrade-system is an APT front-end, all precautions relating to APT configuration should be observed. Special attention is required to: /etc/apt/preferences To prevent untested packages from overwriting stable ones, setting this combination of APT preferences is recommended: Package: * Pin: release a=stable Pin-Priority: 990 Package: * Pin: release a=testing Pin-Priority: 500 Package: * Pin: release a=unstable Pin-Priority: 100 Package: * Pin: release a=experimental Pin-Priority: 1 This enforces a priority to packages from Stable, yet still allows ones from Testing, Unstable or Experimental to get installed via appropriate apt-get(8) options to override the default release.


In the absence of a configuration file, upgrade-system(8) will take the above environment variable examples as fallback default values.


Certain combinations of deborphan(1) options purge a dangerous quantity of packages, potentially leaving a system in a severely crippled state.


Copyright © 2004-2012 Martin-Éric Racine <> Copyright © 2004,2012 Christoph Schindler <> Copyright © 2003-2004 Martin Zdrahal <>


GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later <>.


apt-get(8), apt_preferences(5), deborphan(1), upgrade-system(8). 2004-03-31 UPGRADE-SYSTEM.CONF(5)
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