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Displays the PHase of the mOON on the root window.

6 April 1999
xphoon(6) Games Manual xphoon(6)


xphoon - displays the PHase of the mOON on the root window


xphoon [-b] [-t interval [-i]] [-s] [-display name]


Xphoon sets the X root window to a picture of the moon in its current phase, including the partial lighting of the dark side by reflected earthlight.


-b Defeats the earthlight feature, forcing the dark side to be black. -t Have xphoon keep running and update the picture every interval minutes. (Normally, xphoon just sets the root picture and exits.) -i Forks a background process and prints the process-id to stdout. Useful if you want to make menu commands to refresh or kill xphoon. -s Rotate the whole picture 180 degrees, resulting in a moon picture as viewed fom the Southern hemisphere. -demo Demonstrate xphoon by rapidly stepping through moon phases.


The original motivation for this program was that xsetroot was too slow. Loading a full- screen bitmap took about 15 seconds. We made a trivial program that had fullmoon.bitmap compiled in, and it ran in less than a second. (And incidentally, the executable was smaller than fullmoon.xbm.) Then later we came up with the phase hacking, the earthlight, and the auto-scaling.


phoon(1), xsetroot(1)


Copyright (C) 1988, 1991 by Jef Poskanzer and Craig Leres. The moon-phase computation is from "moontool.c" by John Walker.
6 April 1999 xphoon(6)
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