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NetTraffic - silent installation and uninstallation

Install or uninstall NetTraffic without user interaction.
Silent mode:
  • is useful for IT (domain / active directory / network) administrators,
  • allow to install / uninstall NetTraffic without GUI, using command with arguments.


Command line arguments are case sensitive (excluding paths).

  • /S Run installer or uninstaller silently.

Installer (NetTraffic_VersionNum.exe)

  • /AUTORUN=0 Optional, default 1, when 0 autorun entry is not created in register, and is removed when exists.
  • /LAUNCH=0 Optional, default 1, when 0 application is not launched immediately after installation.
  • /D=path Optional (if in use, should be last one parameter in command line), set installation directory, when option is not used then default path is used.

Uninstaller (uninstall.exe)

  • /DELDATA=1 Optional, default 0, when 1 application data and settings are deleted during uninstallation.


NetTraffic_VersionNum.exe /S /D=e:\test\spaces allowed in path\NetTraffic

uninstall.exe /S /DELDATA=1


Installation path should not be quoted.

If option /S is absent in command line, other options (/AUTORUN, /LAUNCH, /DELDATA) are not used.

Uninstaller removes always autorun entry from register.

File uninstall.exe is created in installation directory during installation.

Silent mode applies to installer and uninstaller of NetTraffic. It not applies to main NetTraffic executable.