NetTraffic - translation

If translation for your language is not included in the newest release (or is incomplete) you can simply make a new one, or update existing.

In case of update, first contact author of current translation.

Translation How-To

  1. Go to your NetTraffic installation directory (default C:\Program Files\NetTraffic or C:\Program Files(x86)\NetTraffic).
  2. Go to Lang directory, it contains translations files.
  3. Copy file Lang_EN.xml to the same directory, and then rename copy to Lang_XX.xml where XX is your country code (look here to obtain your country code).
  4. Edit the file that you just renamed. Open it in Notepad, Notepad++ or any other editor.
  5. In the following line:
    <translation lang-id="en-US" lang-parent="en" lang-en-name="English" lang-local-name="English">
    change bolded elements to be suitable for your language. Parameters:
    • lang-en-name is name of your language in English,
    • lang-local-name is native name of your language.
  6. Translate only values inside tags (Example: <sample_tag> values to translate </sample_tag> ). Don't change names of tags .
  7. Save the file using UTF-8 encoding.
  8. Restart NetTraffic. In Settings select your language and press Apply.
  9. If you would like, your translation may be included in next NetTraffic releases. In this case send your translation to Send your translation. Note, for unknown reasons, some messages are not delivered. If your e-mail did not reach (you do not received response within 3 days), please try use another sender's address and report issue using contact form.