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Shortened forms of IT words

IT vocabulary (words, phrases, expressions, terms): abbreviations, acronyms, shortands, pithy forms.
Word (phrase, term) Letters
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
absolute abs
access acc
account acc
accumulate acc
accumulator acu
action act
addition add
address addr
administration adm admin
administrator adm admin
altitude alt
application app
application programming interface api
archive arch
argument arg
array arr
article art
artificial intelligence ai
artist art
assembler asm
AT Attachment ATA
audio aud
authentication auth
automatic auto
backup bkp
basic bas
binary bin
bitmap bmp
boolean bool
break brk
buffer buf buff
byte b
c plus plus c++, cpp
c sharp c#, cs
calculate, calculator calc
callback call, cbck
cascade style sheet css
catalog cat
certificate cert
char chr
character chr
check chk
clear clr
click clk
client cli
clock clk
coffee cfe 51966 0xCAFE
column col
comma separated values csv
command cmd
common com
compare cmp
config cfg
configuration cfg, cnf conf config
connection con conn
console cons
content ctx
control ctrl
controller ctrl
copy cp cpy
counter c cnt
credential cred
current curr
cursor csr crsr
data dat
data base db
database db
database connection dc dbc
database query dq dbq
date time dt
debian deb
debug dbg
decimal dec
decode dec
decrement dec
decrements dec
default def
definition def
delete del
demonstration demo
dependence dep
dependency dep
deploy dep
destination dst dest
develop dev
development dev
device dev
difference diff
direct memory access dma
directory dir
dispatcher disp
display disp
divide div
document doc
download dl
driver drv
encode enc
end of file eof
end of line eol
enter ent
envelope env
environment env
equal eq
error err
executable exe exec
execute exe exec
explode exp
export exp
extension ext
external ext
fedora fed
file transfer protocol ftp
file transfer protocol secure ftps
function fn fun
graphic user interface gui
greater than gt
group grp
hard disk drive hdd
hard drive hd
hexadecimal hex
hyper text transfer protocol http
hyper text transfer protocol secure https
identifier id
ignore ign
image img
implode imp
import imp
include inc
increment inc
increments inc
information inf info
infrared ir
initialize ini init
input in inp
insert ins
integer int
Integrated Development Environment IDE
Integrated Drive Electronics IDE
interface ifc
internal int
internet inet
interrupt request ir irq
introduction intro
iterator it itr iter
key value pair kvp
keyboard kbd kbrd
know base kb
language lng lang
latitude lat
length ln len
less than lt
library lib
list lst
local loc
local area network lan
location loc
longitude log
lower case lc
manager man
manual man
maximum max
memory mem
message msg
minimum min
module mod
monitor mon
mount mnt
move mv mov
mozilla moz
multiplexer mux
multiply mpy, mul
mutex mux
navigation nav
network net
Network Attached Storage NAS
network file system nfs
network time protocol ntp
new line nl
number num
numeric num
object obj
octal oct
operating system os
operator opr
option opt
order ord
output out
package pkg pack
page pg
Parallel ATA PATA
password pass
percent pct
picture pct pict
pixel px pix
plugin plug
pointer ptr
portable network graphics png
position pos
power pow, pwr
previous prev
private prv priv
procedure proc
process proc
property prop
protocol prot proto
public pub
query que
queue que
random rnd rand
ranking rank
real time clock rtc
receive rx
record rec
red hat rh
reference ref
register reg
relational database management system rdbms
relative rel
release rel
remote rmt
remote control(ed) rc
remove rm rem
repository rep repo
request req
require req
required req
resource res
response res resp
result res
return ret
robot bot
rotation rot
router rtr
screen scr
search shr
select sel
semaphore sem
Serial Attached SCSI SAS
serial number sn
server svr serv
service svc
shell sh
Small Computer System Interface SCSI
socket sock
software soft
solid state drive ssd
source src
space spc
square sqr
standard std
statement stmt
statistics stat
status stat
string s str
structured query language sql
subject sub
subtraction sub
subversion svn
synchronize sync
system sys
table tab, tbl
tabulator tab
telephone tel
template tpl
temporary tmp
text txt
thread thd, thr
time t tm
timespan ts
timestamp ts
transmit tx
ubuntu ubu
unique identifier ui uid
unique resource identifier uri
unique resource link url
Universal Serial Bus USB
upload ul
upper case uc
user usr
user interface ui
username uname
value val
variable var
version ver
video vdo
virtual machine vm
volume vol
What You See Is What You Get WYSIWYG
wide area network wan
window win
windows win
world wide web www

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