Shortened forms of IT words

IT vocabulary (words, phrases, expressions, terms): abbreviations, acronyms, shortands, pithy forms.
Word (phrase, term) Letters
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
application app
application programming interface api
archive arch
automatic auto
binary bin
bitmap bmp
boolean bool
buffer buf
byte b
c plus plus c++, cpp
c sharp c#, cs
calculate, calculator calc
cascade style sheet css
certificate cert
clear clr
column col
comma separated values csv
common com
compare cmp
configuration cfg, cnf conf config
control ctrl
copy cp
counter c cnt
data dat
data base db
debian deb
debug dbg
decimal dec
decrements dec
delete del
dependence dep
destination dst
directory dir
dispatcher disp
display disp
download dl
driver drv
end of file eof
end of line eol
enter ent
equal eq
executable exe exec
explode exp
export exp
external ext
fedora fed
file transfer protocol ftp
file transfer protocol secure ftps
function fn fun
greater than gt
hard disk drive hdd
hard drive hd
hexadecimal hex
hyper text transfer protocol http
hyper text transfer protocol secure https
implode imp
import imp
include inc
increments inc
infrared ir
initialize ini init
input in inp
insert ins
integer int
interface ifc
internal int
iterator it iter
length ln len
less than lt
library lib
local loc
lower case lc
manual man
memory mem
move mv
mozilla moz
navigation nav
network net
network file system nfs
network time protocol ntp
new line nl
numeric num
object obj
octal oct
option opt
output out
package pkg pack
page pg
pixel px pix
portable network graphics png
previous prev
private prv priv
procedure proc
property prop
public pub
query que
queue que
red hat rh
relational database management system rdbms
remote control(ed) rc
remove rm rem
require req
resource res
return ret
robot bot
select sel
shell sh
solid state drive ssd
source src
standard std
statement stmt
statistic stat
string s str
structured query language sql
subversion svn
system sys
table tab
template tpl
text txt
time t tm
timestamp ts
ubuntu ubu
upload ul
upper case uc
value val
version ver
virtual machine vm
windows win

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