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Forces salvage of entire partition.

FORCESALVAGE(5)                         AFS File Reference                        FORCESALVAGE(5)

NAME FORCESALVAGE - Forces salvage of entire partition
DESCRIPTION The FORCESALVAGE file, if present on an AFS server partition (that is, in a /vicep directory), signals that the Salvager must salvage the entire partition. The AFS-modified version of the fsck program creates the empty (zero-length) file when it discovers corruption on the partition. The Salvager removes the file when it completes the salvage operation. When the File Server detects the presence of the file on a partition on which it is attaching volumes, it stops, detaches any volumes that are already attached, and exits after recording a message in the /var/log/openafs/FileLog file. The Bos Server then invokes the Salvager to salvage the partition.
SEE ALSO FileLog(5), bosserver(8), fileserver(8), salvager(8)
OpenAFS 2016-01-26 FORCESALVAGE(5)
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