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Introduction to AFS files.

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NAME afs - Introduction to AFS files
DESCRIPTION A number of files must reside on the local disk of AFS server and client machines. They belong to the following general categories: · Configuration files define configuration parameters for specific server and kernel processes such as the Backup System Tape Coordinator or the Cache Manager. · Administrative files list information used in administration of server machines, such as a list of privileged users or server encryption keys. · Cache-related files contain cached data or information about cached data, on client machines. · Log files contain tracing messages about the operation of a specific process. · Database files contain database records used to administer the AFS cell. · Controller files control the behavior of a process. · Volume header files represent AFS volumes on server partitions. For a description of the format and contents of each file, see its reference page. Note for Windows users: Some files described in this document possibly do not exist on machines that run a Windows operating system. Also, Windows uses a backslash ("\") rather than a forward slash ("/") to separate the elements in a pathname.
SEE ALSO Configuration files: BosConfig(5) CellServDB(5) NetInfo(5) NetRestrict(5) ThisCell(5) butc(5) cacheinfo(5) krb.conf(5) package(5) sysid(5) tapeconfig(5) uss(5) uss_bulk(5) Administrative files: KeyFile(5) UserList(5) Cache-related files: afs_cache(5) Log files: AuthLog(5) BackupLog(5) BosLog(5) FileLog(5) SalvageLog(5) VLLog(5) VolserLog(5) butc(5) fms.log(5) Database files: bdb.DB0(5) kaserver.DB0(5) kaserverauxdb(5) prdb.DB0(5) vldb.DB0(5) Controller files: FORCESALVAGE(5) NoAuth(5) SALVAGE.fs(5) salvage.lock(5) Volume header files: afs_volume_header(5)
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