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Define the mbk catalog directory.

October 1, 1997
MBK_CATA_LIB(1)                     MBK ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES                     MBK_CATA_LIB(1)


MBK_CATA_LIB - define the mbk catalog directory


c-shell running setenv MBK_CATA_LIB path1:path2:path3:...:...:pathn


MBK_CATA_LIB sets the directories that are to be searched thru for reading. When instanci‐ ating a cell for example, the first cell that is found with the given name is loaded in memory. The seaching mecanism first look in MBK_WORK_LIB(1), and then, in path1 thru pathn, in the order defined by the user when typing the setenv command. This directories are considered to be, from a mbk point of view, read only. The pathi arguments must be actually accessible pathes on your host machine.


"mbk_fopen : can't open file 'unix_path/file.xx' thru directories : path1, ..., pathn" This occurs when either the unix path is irrelevent, or when the file doesn't exist. This can also be a unix right problem if the file is not accessible for reading, but this is seldom.


setenv MBK_CATA_LIB ~fred/crechan/uom:/labo/sclib


Only the first path may be given with a '~', since the shell extents it only when seen first.


mbk(3), genlib(1), MBK_WORK_LIB(1).
ASIM/LIP6 October 1, 1997 MBK_CATA_LIB(1)
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