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Graphical schematic viewer.

September 1, 2000
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xsch - graphical schematic viewer


xsch [-l file_name] [-xor] [-install] [-force] [-I input_format] [-slide file_name ...]


Xsch is a graphical schematic viewer. All functionnalities can be accessed through differ‐ ent menus. Xsch works under Motif and X11r6. When entering Xsch, the main window appears and shows 5 different menus on the top bar. These menus can be entered by simply clicking on the mouse left button. Here is the description of these menus. File Open : load an existing file. Note that a file with the same name and the exten‐ tion .xsc can be used to attach special colors and comments to all displayed objects (see below for details). Quit : quit xsch. Edit Identify : identify a selected object. Connected : highlight a selected object. Search : search an object by its name. View Zoom : perform zoom in, zoom out, center, fit, refresh on figure. Layer : select types of layers displayed. Map : show cursor position in the entire figure. Arrows : show arrows for moving at the grid step. Grid : Set the X,Y step of the grid if displayed. Tools Hierarchy : enable user to browse into the design hierarchy. Message : display the last error messages Setup Save or load a user defined configuration of default displayed menus.


+/- Next or previous file in slide mode.


-l file_name Load the file file_name (with or without extention) -xor Two graphic cursor methods can be used, invert or xor. -force this option force all graphical objects to be displayed. -install Switch to a private color map. -I input_format Specifies the input format (vst(5), al(5), vbe(5)) -slide file_name ... Enables slide mode, all specifies files will be displayed one by one using keys +/- in the graphic window.


# Example of .xsc file # # To attach a particular color and comment to a box : # B:box_name:color:comment # color is an integer from 0 to 32, or -1 for no_color # comment is a string B:my_box:0:this box should be blue B:another_box:-1:this won't change the box color # # To attach a particular color and comment to a net : # N:net_name:color:comment N:my_net:15:this net should be green # # To attach a particular color and comment to a connector : # C:connector_name:color:comment C:my_con:32:this connector should be red # # To attach a particular color and comment to a path : # P:from_name:net_name:to_name:color:comment P:my_con:my_net:my_box:15:this path should be green


MBK_CATA_LIB indicates the path to the read only libraries to be used. MBK_WORK_LIB indicates the path to the read directory for the session. MBK_IN_LO indicates the file format to be used. XSCH_PARAM_NAME (optionnal) indicates the path to the parameter file used by Xsch. SEE ALSO mbk(1), MBK_CATA_LIB(1), MBK_WORK_LIB(1), PAT(5), asimut(1)
ASIM/LIP6 September 1, 2000 XSCH(1)
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