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Disable SR-IOV on a PF device.

May 28, 2015
PCI_IOV_UNINIT(9) BSD Kernel Developer's Manual PCI_IOV_UNINIT(9)


PCI_IOV_UNINIT — disable SR-IOV on a PF device


#include <sys/bus.h> #include <dev/pci/pci_iov.h> void PCI_IOV_UNINIT(device_t dev);


The PCI_IOV_UNINIT() method is called by the PCI Single-Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) in‐ frastructure when the user requests that SR-IOV be disabled on a Physical Function (PF). When this method is called, the PF driver must release any SR-IOV-related resources that it has allocated and disable any device-specific SR-IOV configuration in the device. This method will only be called following a successful call to PCI_IOV_INIT(9). It is not guaranteed that PCI_IOV_ADD_VF(9) will have been called for any Virtual Function (VF) after the call to PCI_IOV_INIT(9) and before the call to PCI_IOV_UNINIT.


pci(9), PCI_IOV_ADD_VF(9), PCI_IOV_INIT(9)


This manual page was written by Ryan Stone <>.
BSD May 28, 2015 BSD
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