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Raster component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.

10 August 1991
RasterComp(3U)                     InterViews Reference Manual                     RasterComp(3U)

NAME RasterComp, RasterView, PSRaster - raster component subject, view, and PostScript external representation
SYNOPSIS #include <Unidraw/Components/rastercomp.h>
DESCRIPTION RasterComp is a GraphicComp that represents a raster image. It uses a RasterRect graphic to store its graphical attributes. RasterView is a GraphicView for displaying the raster image. PSRaster is a PostScriptView that externalizes the subject's information in Post‐ Script form.
RASTERCOMP PUBLIC OPERATIONS RasterComp(RasterRect* = nil, const char* filename = nil) The constructor takes an optional RasterRect structured graphic that defines the attributes of the raster image. You can also supply an optional file name to asso‐ ciate the component with a file containing the (copious) image data. RasterRect* GetRasterRect() Return the RasterRect graphic that defines the raster's attributes. GetRaster is simply a more specific form of the GetGraphic operation. const char* GetFileName() Return the file name specified in the constructor, if any.
RASTERVIEW PUBLIC OPERATIONS RasterView(RasterComp* = nil) Create an RasterView, optionally supplying the subject. RasterComp* GetRasterComp() Return the subject.
PSRASTER PUBLIC OPERATIONS PSRaster(RasterComp* = nil) Construct a PostScript external representation of the given subject, if any.
SEE ALSO GraphicComp(3U), GraphicView(3U), PostScriptView(3U), RasterRect(3U)
Unidraw 10 August 1991 RasterComp(3U)
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