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Structured graphic displaying a raster image.

2 February 1991
RasterRect(3U)                     InterViews Reference Manual                     RasterRect(3U)

NAME RasterRect - structured graphic displaying a raster image
SYNOPSIS #include <Unidraw/Graphic/rasterrect.h>
DESCRIPTION A RasterRect is a Graphic that displays a raster image defined by a Raster object. With no transformation, the raster will be drawn with its lower-left corner at the origin.
PUBLIC OPERATIONS RasterRect(Raster*, Graphic* = nil) Construct a RasterRect, supplying a Raster object and an optional graphic from which to obtain an initial transformation. The RasterRect references the given graphic. Raster* GetOriginal() Return the raster that defines the image that the RasterRect displays.
SEE ALSO Graphic(3U), Raster(3I)
Unidraw 2 February 1991 RasterRect(3U)
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