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Create a logical transistor.

August 6, 2002


addlotrs - create a logical transistor


#include "mlo.h" lotrs_list ∗addlotrs(ptfig, type, x, y, width, length, ps, pd, xs, xd, ptgrid, ptsource, ptdrain, ptbulk, name) lofig_list ∗ptfig; char type; long x, y; unsigned short width, length; unsigned short ps, pd; unsigned short xs, xd; losig_list ∗ptgrid, ∗ptsource, ∗ptdrain, ∗ptbulk; const char ∗name;


ptfig Pointer to the figure in which the transistor should be added type transistor type x, y Transistor coordinates width, length Transistor grid width and length ps, pd Perimeters of the source and drain xs, xd Values to compute the areas of the source and drain, see lotrs(3) for the effective area computation ptgrid Pointer to the signal to be connected on the transistor grid ptsource Pointer to the signal to be connected on the transistor source ptdrain Pointer to the signal to be connected on the transistor drain ptbulk Pointer to the signal to be connected on the transistor bulk name Transistor instance name


addlotrs creates a new transistor, and adds it to the list of transistors pointed to by ptfig->LOTRS. The new transistor is added in front of the list, and becomes itself the list head. The type parameter can take six values : TRANSN for a N channel transistor TRANSP for a P channel transistor TRANSN_FAST for a high speed N channel transistor TRANSP_FAST for a high speed P channel transistor TRANSN_HVIO for a low leakage N channel transistor TRANSP_HVIO for a low leakage P channel transistor The x, y, width , length, ps, pd, xs and xd, arguments fill respectivly the X, Y, WIDTH, LENGTH, PS, PD, XS and XD fields. Four connectors are created each time a transistor is added, and the ptgrid, ptsource, ptdrain and ptbulk losigs are attached to the SIG field of the locon of the appropriate connector. The connectors names are grid, source, drain and bulk, their direction, DIR, are set to 'T', and their TYPE INTERNAL. For details on the structures, see locon(3) and lotrs(3).


addlotrs returns a pointer to the newly created transistor.


"∗∗∗ mbk error ∗∗∗ illegal transistor type : type" The type is not a legal transistor type.


#include "mlo.h" void n1_y() /∗ transistor netlist of an inverter ∗/ { lofig_list ∗pt; losig_list ∗in, ∗out, ∗vdd, ∗vss; pt = addlofig("n1_y"); addlocon(pt, "in", in = givelosig(pt, 0), IN); addlocon(pt, "out", out = givelosig(pt, 1), OUT); addlocon(pt, "vdd", vdd = givelosig(pt, 2), IN); addlocon(pt, "vss", vdd = givelosig(pt, 3), IN); addlotrs(pt, TRANSN, 0, 0, 6, 1, in, vss, out, vss, trn_n1_y); addlotrs(pt, TRANSP, 0, 0, 12, 1, in, vdd, out, vdd, trp_n1_y); }


mbk(1), lofig(3), lotrs(3), locon(3), dellotrs(3).
ASIM/LIP6 August 6, 2002 ADDLOTRS(3)
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