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Userfriendly tracker aimed for the OPL3 FM-chip.

April 21 2017
adtrack2(1) General Commands Manual adtrack2(1)


adtrack2 - userfriendly tracker aimed for the OPL3 FM-chip


adtrack2 [options] files...


This manual page documents briefly the adtrack2 command. adtrack2 is, dare we say, the most userfriendly tracker aimed for the OPL3 FM-chip, and is full of advanced features to simplify your task of making the most of your Adlib-tunes. Supporting 4 operator instruments, percussion mode, a wide selection of importable song- and instrument types and - maybe foremost - an advanced macro editor that can really push the FM-chip to the limit. Supported file formats A2M AdlibTracker2 A2P AdlibTracker2 [pattern] A2T AdlibTracker2 [tiny module] AMD Amusic CFF BoomTracker 4.0 DFM Digital-FM FMK FM-Kingtracker HSC HSC AdLib Composer / HSC-Tracker MTK MPU-401 trakker RAD Reality AdLib Tracker S3M Scream Tracker 3.x SAT Surprise! AdLib Tracker {ver.1,5,6} SA2 Surprise! AdLib Tracker 2.0 {ver.8,9} XMS XMS-Tracker


goattracker(1), adplay(1).
April 21 2017 adtrack2(1)
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adtrack2(1) referred by klystrack(1)
refer to adplay(1) | goattracker(1)
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