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Clang++ wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).

AFL-CLANG-FAST++(1)                            afl                            AFL-CLANG-FAST++(1)

NAME afl-clang-fast++ - clang++ wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl)
SYNOPSIS CXX=/usr/bin/afl-clang-fast++ ./configure
DESCRIPTION This is a helper application which serves as a drop-in replacement for clang++, used to recompile third-party code with the required runtime instrumentation for afl-fuzz. In contrast to the traditional afl-clang++ tool, this version is implemented as an LLVM pass and tends to offer improved performance with slow programs. A common pattern would be to use this with the CXX environment variable.
SEE ALSO afl-fuzz(1), afl-gcc(1), afl-g++(1), afl-clang(1), afl-clang++(1), afl-clang-fast(1), afl- showmap(1), afl-cmin(1), afl-tmin(1), afl-gotcpu(1), afl-plot(1), afl-whatsup(1)
AUTHORS American Fuzzy Lop is written by Michal Zalewski <>. This manpage was written by Daniel Stender <>.
2015-08-24 AFL-CLANG-FAST++(1)
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