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Code fuzzer for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).

AFL-FUZZ(1)                                    afl                                    AFL-FUZZ(1)

NAME afl-fuzz - code fuzzer for American Fuzzy Lop (afl)
SYNOPSIS afl-fuzz -i <testcase_dir> -o <findings_dir> [options] -- /path/to/fuzzed/app [params]
DESCRIPTION This program takes an binary and attempts a variety of fuzzing strategies, paying close attention on how they affect the execution path. To operate correctly, the fuzzer requires one or more starting files containing the typi‐ cal input normally expected by the targeted application. For instrumentated fuzzing, the binary must be compiled using either one of the shipped gcc or clang wrappers. Put -n to fuzz w/o instrumentation in dumb mode. Please regard that a full fuzzing process takes a lot of time. For exhaustive information on afl, see the documentation in /usr/share/doc/afl.
OPTIONS Run afl-fuzz without any arguments to see a complete list of options.
SEE ALSO afl-gcc(1), afl-g++(1), afl-clang(1), afl-clang++(1), afl-clang-fast(1), afl-clang- fast++(1), afl-showmap(1), afl-cmin(1), afl-tmin(1), afl-gotcpu(1), afl-plot(1), afl-what‐ sup(1)
AUTHORS American Fuzzy Lop is written by Michal Zalewski <>. Forkserver design by Jann Horn <>. This manpage was written by Daniel Stender <>.
2015-08-24 AFL-FUZZ(1)
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