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Status check tool for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).

AFL-WHATSUP(1)                                 afl                                 AFL-WHATSUP(1)

NAME afl-whatsup - status check tool for American Fuzzy Lop (afl)
SYNOPSIS afl-whatsup [ -s ] <afl_sync_dir>
DESCRIPTION afl-whatsup summarizes the status of any locally-running synchronized instances of afl- fuzz. It checks if the fuzzer is alive, displays the total run time, number of execs, cumulative speed and pending paths, and the number of crashed found. The -s option causes the tool to skip all the per-fuzzer trivia and show just the summary results.
SEE ALSO afl-fuzz(1), afl-gcc(1), afl-g++(1), afl-clang(1), afl-clang++(1), afl-clang-fast(1), afl- clang-fast++(1), afl-showmap(1), afl-cmin(1), afl-tmin(1), afl-gotcpu(1), afl-plot(1)
AUTHORS American Fuzzy Lop is written by Michal Zalewski <>. This manpage was written by Daniel Stender <>.
2015-08-24 AFL-WHATSUP(1)
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