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Dump ANN tree structure in Fig format.

ANN2FIG(1) User Commands ANN2FIG(1)


ann2fig - Dump ANN tree structure in Fig format


ann2fig [-upi scale] [-x low_x] [-y low_y] [-sz size] [-dx dim_x] [-dy dim_y] [-sl dim value]* [-ps pointsize] file


This program inputs an ann dump file of a search structure perhaps along with point coordinates, and outputs a fig (Ver 3.1) file (see fig2dev (1)) displaying the tree. The fig file may then be displayed using xfig, or converted to any of a number of other formats using fig2dev. If the dimension is 2 then the entire tree is displayed. If the dimension is larger than 2 then the user has the option of selecting which two dimensions will be displayed, and the slice value for each of the remaining dimensions. All leaf cells intersecting the slice are shown along with the points in these cells.


-upi scale fig units per inch (default = 1200) -x low_x -y low_y x and y offset of upper left corner (inches) (default = 1) -sz size maximum side length of figure (in inches) (default = 5) -dx dim_x horizontal dimension (default = 0) -dy dim_y vertical dimension (default = 1) -sv value default slice value (default = 0) -sl dim value each such pair defines the value along the given dimension at which to slice. This may be supplied for all dimensions except dim_x and dim_y. -ps pointsize size of points in fig units (def = 10) file file (input=file.dmp, output=file.fig)


David Mount
This man page is Copyright (C) 2007 Rafael Laboissiere <rafael AT debian DOT org> and released under the GNU GPL, version 3 or later. It was written for the Debian distribution but may be used by others.


fig2dev(1) ann_sample(1)
ANN 1.1.1 2016-12-03 ANN2FIG(1)
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