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Box Backup client daemon configuration file.



bbackupd.conf - Box Backup client daemon configuration file




AccountNumber The account number of this client. This is set by the admin of the store server. UpdateStoreInterval Specifies the interval between scanning of the local discs. To avoid cycles of load on the server, this time is randomly adjusted by a small percentage as the daemon runs. Defaults to 1 hour. MinimumFileAge Specifies how long since a file was last modified before it will be uploaded. Defaults to 6 hours. MaxUploadWait If a file is repeatedly modified it won´t be uploaded immediately in case it´s modified again. However it should be uploaded eventually. This is how long we should wait after first noticing a change. Defaults to 1 day. MaxFileTimeInFuture AutomaticBackup SyncAllowScript Use this to temporarily stop bbackupd from syncronising or connecting to the store. This specifies a program or script script which is run just before each sync, and ideally the full path to the interpreter. It will be run as the same user bbackupd is running as, usually root. The script prints either "now" or a number to STDOUT (and a terminating newline, no quotes). If the result was "now", then the sync will happen. If it´s a number, then the script will be asked again in that number of seconds. For example, you could use this on a laptop to only backup when on a specific network. MaximumDiffingTime How much time should be spent on diffing files. DeleteRedundantLocationsAfter FileTrackingSizeThreshold DiffingUploadSizeThreshold StoreHostname The hostname or IP address of the bbstored(8) server. StorePort The port used by the server. Defaults to 2201. ExtendedLogging Logs everything that happens between the client and server. The bbackupd(8) client must also be started with -V. ExtendedLogFile LogAllFileAccess LogFile LogFileLevel CommandSocket Where the command socket is created in the filesystem. KeepAliveTime StoreObjectInfoFile NotifyScript The location of the script which runs at certain events. This script is generated by bbackupd-config(8). Defaults to /etc/box/bbackupd/ NotifyAlways CertificateFile The path to the client´s public certificate. PrivateKeyFile The path to the client´s private key. This should only be readable by root. TrustedCAsFile The Certificate Authority created by bbstored-certs(8). KeysFile The data encryption key. This must be kept safe at all costs, your data is useless without it! DataDirectory A directory to keep temporary state files. This is usually something like /var/bbackupd. Server This section relates to the running daemon. PidFile The location of the process ID file. Defaults to /var/run/ BackupLocations This section defines each directory to be backed up. Each entry must have at least a Path entry and, optionally, include and exclude directives. Multiple include and exclude directives may appear. Path The path to back up. ExcludeFile Exclude a single file. ExcludeFilesRegex Exclude multiple files based on a regular expression. See re_format(7). ExcludeDir Exclude a single directory. ExcludeDirsRegex Exclude multiple directories based on a regular expression. See re_format(7). AlwaysIncludeFile Include a single file from a directory which has been excluded. AlwaysIncludeFilesRegex Include multiple files from an excluded directory, based on a regular expression. AlwaysIncludeDir Include a single directory from a directory which has been excluded. AlwaysIncludeDirsRegex Include multiple directories from an excluded directory, based on a regular expression.


The following is an example of a backup location: home { Path = /home ExcludeDir = /home/guest ExcludeDir = /home/[^/]+/tmp ExcludeFilesRegex = .*\.(mp3|MP3)$ AlwaysIncludeFile = /home/someuser/importantspeech.mp3 }




bbackupd(8), bbackupd-config(8), bbackupctl(8)


Ben Summers Per Thomsen James O´Gorman
Box Backup 0.11 01/22/2017 BBACKUPD.CONF(5)
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