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Box Backup store daemon.

BBSTORED(8)                                 Box Backup                                BBSTORED(8)

NAME bbstored - Box Backup store daemon
SYNOPSIS bbstored [config-file]
DESCRIPTION bbstored runs on a central server. Clients running bbackupd connect to the server and upload files. The only argument is optional and specifies a non-default configuration file. By default it will look for the configuration file as /etc/box/bbstored.conf.
FILES /etc/box/bbstored.conf
SEE ALSO bbstored.conf(5), bbstored-config(8), raidfile-config(8), raidfile.conf(5)
AUTHORS Ben Summers Per Thomsen James O┬┤Gorman
Box Backup 0.11 11/07/2011 BBSTORED(8)
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